Useful effects triggered by denied dexterity?


Hello! I am working on a character for a home game, and am drawn to the idea of a crossbow user that fights using the Overwatch Style chain of feats. This brings me to the Crossbowman fighter, who at level 7 denies dexterity to the targets of readied actions with a crossbow.

This level of consistency for denying dexterity to AC every attack has me wondering if there are any useful effects besides Sneak Attack that I could build around or focus on.

For context, this character is for a continuation of a game that was paused years ago that we are picking back up with new/revised characters. We're building at level 10 with standard WBL, with no more than half our gold spent on a single item. My character is a Serpentfolk from a tribe that was befriended in one of the previous sessions.

I'm only married to the 7 levels of Crossbowman Fighter, so dipping classes for relevant effects is fine by me. However, since Overwatch Vortex requires +11 BAB, I'd like to stick to full BAB classes so that I can nab it as soon as we level up next.

Thanks in advance!

grapple and other CMBs would be good if they get their dex denied i'm pretty sure it also comes off CMD so they'd be easier - you could maybe focus on giving others attacks by making them provoke somehow as their AC is lowered they'll be more easily be able to hit

I got into a bit of theorycrafting yesterday on the crossbowman overwatch style build and I think there is possibly some really good synergy the betrayal feat: friendly fire.

I think it is legit choice. Friendly fire is ranged attack standard action. k/

"You initiate this feat as a standard action, making a ranged attack against a foe engaged in melee with at least one abettor. This shot deliberately forsakes normal precautions, putting your abettor at risk, but also is unexpected enough to surprise your mutual opponent.

You gain a +2 bonus on your attack roll if the attack passes through an abettor’s space. If your shot misses the target, you must immediately make a second attack roll with all the same modifiers against the abettor, potentially hitting her with the attack instead of the opponent. When the attack resolves (regardless of whether either potential target was hit), the intended target’s startled reaction provokes an attack of opportunity from the abettor."

You get a +2 to hit on the target which nicely offsets the readied action penalty from overwatch style so you are shooting at full BAB+bonuses with denied dex so you should be able to hit quite consistently. If you do you won't harm your abettor and that abettor will be getting an attack of opportunity for a shot that is fired, so if you have frontliner that is willing to invest combat reflexes and friendly fire you could be very nice tag team...

Scarab Sages

Sneak Attack clearly works great with this. If you want to stay full bab, you can go snakebite striker brawler 1+Slayer x.

Although, unchained rouge brings a lot to make up for the lack of full bab.

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