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So I need a map for a castle or palace with a grand ballroom that could host 100 to 200 guests for a gala. I've had no luck finding anything so far that is big enough. Everything I've found is much smaller than what I am looking for. Does anyone know of anything they can point me to? I'd really appreciate any and all suggestions on this.


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Can you change the squares on maps from 5 feet to 10 or 15 or 20 or 30?

Have you Google Imaged "Palace Map?"

Yeah, I've spent a few hours looking using a variety of search terms. Haven't found anything that really fits what I need. I'll likely have to use something that is technically smaller, and change the square size like you mentioned.

In addition I am probably going to have part of the gala extend out into the front courtyard. This will provide more space for all the guests.

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I encountered the same problem a few months back and decided to spend a few hundred hours working on a gigantic manor house (~180x60 squares) inspired by Castle Drachenburg in Germany. While I'm not about to share the Photoshop file, I've uploaded PNG files of the floors (sans furnishings) as well as the fully-furnished MapTool campaign file to my DropBox below:
Note: You may want to switch to detail-view rather than thumbnail view (upper-right of the file listing) since the files are too large to be previewed.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Resolution Notes:
If it matters, the map itself is at 45 pixels/5-ft square. The reason is to match the resolution needed for a 5-ft square to equal 1-inch on a 50-inch HDTV. Why that size TV? The height of a 50" diagonal screen is 24-inches... the same as the width of a Flip Mat.

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Hmm, be kind of ironic if the OP gave up just half an hour before my post went thru considering it took an hour to get everything uploaded for them...

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Oh, sorry. Haven't given up yet. I really appreciate you taking the time to upload that. I'll have time tonight to look over it.


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Huzzah! Let me know if you need a run-down of what some of the rooms are. FWIW, the 3rd floor balcony (above the ballroom) houses a pipe organ. Additionally, stairs and terraces are tinted blue as they descend, and tinted black as they ascend.

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