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Post all of your character concepts here! It's pretty simple. No matter how ridiculous, clichè, or non-functional it may be, here's the spot to put them! This is a place to have fun, and maybe find a good idea for a character to play in an upcoming campaign. Be as detailed or as vague as you want, but be sure to include things like race, class, and general playstyle. There's only one rule governing the builds, and that is they must be an absolute blast to play.
(Yes, I am aware these threads have come before, but the most recent I could find was from over a year ago.)

A few ideas to start it off;
Elven monk focused on running and hitting on the run- focuses on tripping foes and/or jumping on them and literally running circles around them. Also likely to take the dimensional agility feat tree.

Gnome sorcerer whose spells known are illusion focused, primarily figments, but also having a really good selection of conjuration and transmutation spells to keep foes on their toes.

Human swashbuckler acting like a complete idiot, but actually utterly brilliant and constantly outwitting his foes. As a shameless ripoff of Captain Jack Sparrow, own the references.

Half-orc Wizard or Magus that carries around a massive sword and pretends to be a barbarian, feigning rage and all.

Kitsune Druid battleshifter that spends most of his time as a fox, pretending to be the caster's familiar.

Halting fighter that pretends to be a wizard with the Kitsune^ as their familiar. (Naturally, the fox does all the magic)

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I actually thought up a concept involving the Kitsune thing, myself, though it's nothing spectacular. Kitsune Sorcerer with Psychic Bloodline and Fox Shape feat. No jumping through Druid hoops because the exploit is built right in to psychic magic! The Bloodline spells also include Id Insinuation and Ego Whip (which are Enchantment spells; Kitsune specialty!) and the Bloodline Power to upgrade them to the highest version you can cast. I figured it would work better with Psychic Bloodline Sorcerer than with Psychic class because of the awesome FCB and racial Charisma boost. Too bad you have to wait til 7th level.

Paladin/Bloodrager/Mystic Theurge.

The false knight: A monk with mock armor, unhindering shield, and a temple sword.

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Cyborg pirate captain augmented with magical devices instead of cybernetics. He can fire an anchor with a chain attached to his body to use as a grappling hook and has an arm that turns into a mini-cannon.

All made possible with a 3pp class I'm designing.

I like the "reluctant necromancer" who is a necromancy speciaalisst for some reason but can't abide undead.

Schizophrenic sorcerer CN, psichic bloodline and false priest, he thinks to be a servant of sarenrae, he yell sermon thinking that are divine spell while instead are casted by his crazy mind like this
"Accept our morning lady in your heart and your body will be healed by FAITH" and then cast infernal healing.

Best played to do the right thing for the wrong reason by replaying his madness

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