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With discipline of Tranquility, Psychic gets bonus spell as follow:

Bonus Spells: telempathic projection* (1st), silence (4th), mantle of calm (6th), mass daze (8th), serenity (10th), psychic surgery * (12th), mind blank (14th), euphoric tranquility (16th), time stop (18th).

Psychic gets daze (mass) as a bonus spell at 8th level, at which level she is also able to cast 4th-Level spells.
But i can also find that daze (mass) is a 3rd-Level Psychic Spell.

then I searched other disciplines, all of them get a 4th-Level Psychic spell( or a 4th-Level spell from other class) as a bonus spell at 8th level.

so I searched some bloodlines for Sorcerers (not all of them), to compare. They all get a 4th-Level bonus spell at 8th level.

is there anything wrong with bonus spell at 8th level with discipline of Tranquility?

Nope. They're getting it at the spell level other classes normally get it. +1 DC. If you really wanted Mass Daze early, you could grab it at 6th and switch it out when you hit 8th. Early and late access isn't that rare for bonus spells.

There's three(?) different disciplines that get Ethereal Jaunt as their 7th level bonus spell. But it's a Psychic 6th level spell, so they all get it late and don't even get a DC or other benefit out of it. It is what it is, just roll with it. Most disciplines have 1-2 really awful spells on their bonus list, you have to hope it balances out with the discipline abilities.

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