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If I choose a parrot as a bloodline familiar for my level 1 bloodrager, then multiclass to Druid and choose, say, the monkey domain, does my familiar stay a parrot? Or does it have to change to a monkey?


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Even though this FAQ concerns Animal Companions, the same logic applies to your question.

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I assume you're referring to the cavalier/Druid question and answer. That does seem logically consistent. Thanks Nefreet.

Really wanting a parrot for my kraken caller :-)

According to latest FAQ: http://paizo.com/paizo/faq/v5748nruor1fm#v5748eaic9utx
"In general, you can take Improved Familiars for class-granted variant familiars like a shaman’s spirit animal"

So even class-variant familiars that don't include choice of familiars (or restrict later change of that choice) CAN benefit from Improved Familiar's new choices, despite that Improved Familiar doesn't have any language specifically overcoming type restrictions from a variant familiar ability. Since Animal Domains (unlike Shaman) don't even have language specifically barring other choices of familiar (they simply didn't offer the choice in the first place), I don't see why they shouldn't be able to benefit from a choice granted by compatable ability, whether Improved Familiar Feat, or stacking with Bloodline Familiar which has the choice mechanic built in. Unlike Ranger Companions which have a specific restricted list, Animal Domains simply don't have a choice, but there is no reason we can't simply treat the given creature type as if it were selected from the full list.

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You could take the Eagle Domain and at least get a Hawk familiar?
If you didn't already have an archetype plan, you could take the Decoy archetype so your Hawk can speak any language you know at 5th level.

Overland Flight+Evasion is very nice.

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I don't have any doubts about Improved Familiar. But I'm unsure as to what kind of regular familiar to choose for Malachi, who is intended to be a martial character focused on dirty tricks with tentacles (insert your own joke here).

As a Besmaran the parrot is my first choice, but that isn't open to the druid. Besmaran clerics can get monkey familiars, and the monkey domain is available. But I already have a monkey tumour familiar on my alchemist.

Hawk kind of fits with the Tengu, and the Eagle domain is good, although I probably won't take more than 4 druid levels.

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Besmaran clerics can get Parrots too, but it sounds like you want druid over cleric?

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Markov Spiked Chain wrote:
Besmaran clerics can get Parrots too, but it sounds like you want druid over cleric?

Yaaar, Kraken Caller! Besmara-worshipping Druid archetype in dirty tricks toolbox.

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