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I'm looking to select a deity who is very much like a justicar/avenger. Avenger of the innocent, pursuer of evil, and justice dealer.

The pathfinder list of deities is huge. And I don't have all the time in the world to go searching through there. Any help of pointing in the right direction would be awesome.

IF there doesn't happen to be one to my liking, I saw in another thread a user said constructing one's own deity is not frowned upon. In that case, would anyone have any they made that fit the description even a little?

It's not for a very religious character, so weapon proficiency and other traits or weaknesses that religion creates in a character to add flavor is also desired. The better fleshed out, the more I like it, usually.

Thanks for reading my first post here, and I eagerly await your advice.
-Lt. Leo

Iomedae or Ragathiel.

Iomedae has honor, justice, rulership, and valor in her portfolio.

Ragathiel has chivalry, duty, and vengeance in his portfolio.

Archives of Nethys is one of the best places to search for this kind of thing. They are better organized IMO than the PFSRD.

That said, just scrolling down the Pantheon listings...

Maat in the Osirion Pantheon.

The Hellknight order of Cheliax is an entire order serving multiple gods that has that mentality...

Shizuru is a samurai style deity of Tian Xia... Yaehzing is an evil version of vengeance and harsh justice from that pantheon too.

Dwarven: Dranngvit is debt, pursuit, vengeance; Kols is Duty, Honor, Promises

Empyreal Lord Ragathiel might be the best, also giving Bastard Sword if you have deities favored weapon.

One extra side to the deity I search for is the use of darkness. Either being a night mother, or some sort of punishing through fear, that sort of thing.

In that case, Maat has Knowledge, Law, Protection, Void, and Weather.

Shizuru no longer works as he also has the sun, unless you flavor it as the darker side of his order who work in the night to enforce his values.

Yeahzing has Artifice, Death, Evil, Law, Trickery...

Actually... with that in mind... Tanagaar the Empyreal Lord is probably the one for you. He is an Archon Lord who seems like a wonderful fit.

Read his stuff on Archives of Nethys... it also links to the wiki

Tanagaar and Kelinahat are both good deities with the darkness domain. However, neither of them seem focused on dispensing justice.

If you like 3PP stuff, Frog God Games' Muir is basically a goddess of Paladins, and she's pretty hardcore about it. XD She even has a prestige class focused on her named "Justicar of Muir".

Tanagaar is like, almost perfect. I guess I could play a sept of his "church" that takes the fight to the enemy instead of waiting for ill will to befall themselves.

Attack them on their soil instead of waiting for the blood to be spilled on our doorstep, so to speak.

"The Hand of Tanagaar"

Or would "Tanagaar's Talons" work better?

I'd go with the second one.

Thank you so much for the help!!

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