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Hello, I'm about to play in a pirate game starting at level 3. Considering we're going to be spending the entire time on the water, I was looking at making a Horizon Walker. The problem is I could have sworn the rogue talent "Terrain Mastery" stacked, but it would appear it has been nerfed. I was wondering what the most efficient way of entering the class would be, with the maximum amount of favoured terrain (water) possible. I'm probably going to take the Cavalier VMC with the Order of the Green, as that would eventually give me another method of accessing Favoured Terrain. But I'm stuck on what the first 6 levels should be. Any help is appreciated!

Warden gives up combat style and favored enemy for favored terrain at 1st, 3rd, and extra bonuses in it at 4th instead of the AC.
Battle Scout gives up Animal Companion and favored enemy past 1st for extra bonuses.
Freebooter gives extra bonuses for a pirate style character, but only 1 favored terrain at 3 like normal.

The rogue talent now does the same as the ranger version, which is that you can increase one talent in addition to the one you get... so taking the rogue talent 3 times means you have one at +6 and 2 at +2... so it still works fine.

Which makes slayer another good class for this.

World Walker Druid would also be a fun way of getting into the PrC.

I thought the rogue's terrain mastery only got you to +2, then if you took the talent again you could pick another terrain, but it didn't increase the first one? I could be misreading it though :L

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