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Thanks for the advice so far! Does anyone know if the haste effect from the arcane bloodline counts as the actual spell? If so, would I be able to take mythic spellcasting and spend the surge to make the haste effect mythic?
Hooooooooly moly, I hadn't seen mythic vital strike. To be entirely honest, I'll check with the rest of the group, but I'll probably give it a miss, that damage would be absolutely INSANE. I was thinking of taking impossible speed and fleet warrior, coupled with taking the barbarian rage power "come and get me" so I can dart into combat (slicing every enemy once from the attacks of opportunity), slice one guy to shreds, and then run away quickly. Admittedly, vital strike would be perfect for that, but I'm pretty leery of the damage that single hit could do.

Good morning/afternoon/evening folks, I've been invited to join a campaign where we will be running from 1-20, including tier 1-10 mythic. Having been informed that the party will probably contain 2 casters, a tank and a skill monkey, I was told I could pretty much go nuts with whatever I wanted.
With that being said, I'd always been interested in making a swiftblade style character (, and after looking over the classes, I've settled on an urban bloodrager (taking primalist because there's literally no downside) with the arcane bloodline. This is mainly because when I bloodrage I can immediately gain haste and blur, then proceed to make mincemeat of things using an elven curve blade.
So I've got the bare bones of the concept. If I decide to go as an elf (taking the fcb I'd have a base movement speed of 60ft before I look at haste/mythic etc.) then I don't need to take exotic weapon proficiency. My question is how would folks go about making this speed demon an absolute monster, if mythic is included? I've got pretty much zero experience with mythic, so feats that might be a bit useless in normal games might be awesome once I have mythic tiers.

What I have so far:
Stats at 1: (Str) 13, (Dex) 18 (+2 included), (Con) 12 (-2 included), (Int) 9 (+2 included), (Wis) 11, (Cha) 14.
Feats: (1) Weapon Finesse, (3) Power Attack, (5) Arcane Strike, (7) ??, (9) Improved Critical: Elven Curve Blade.
Mythic: Not a clue, but most likely champion.

Sorry that it's not much to go on, but any contributions are welcome! Many thanks :)

The problem is a lot of these spells/phantom ideas don't actually do much against undead, which I imagine will be the primary enemies in Carrion Crown. They're immune to disease, fatigue/exhaust, most stat damage, mind-affecting (including shaken), and pretty much anything that requires a fortitude save.
Honestly, looking at people's opinions so far, I think I'm going to steer clear of it. I love the flavour of the archetype immensely, but the druid's spell list doesn't seem that effective against undead, and giving up both wildshape and nature bond for phantoms, on top of the aforementioned spell list problems, makes me think it's probably best to shelve this archetype for another occasion.
Thanks guys :)

Ah, I'll post the changes the archetype makes, would probably be helpful ^^

Flavour: Places the importance of the cycle of life above all else. Primarily they focus on destroying undead and pacifying restless spirits.

The Death Druid replaces Nature Bond and Wildshape with the spirtualist's phantom and etheric tether abilities. At 4th level they gain bonded manifestation, and at 14th level they gain the spiritual bond class feature. They don't gain any other spiritualist abilities other than the ones listed above, HOWEVER they are constantly trying to help their phantoms move on to the other side (task determined by GM). Once they've done this, they lose their current phantom, but gain a new one within a week, at no penalty.

They also replace nature sense and wild empathy with a set of themed spells, such as ghostbane dirge (and mass ghostbane dirge at 6), undeath to death (6), speak with dead, speak with haunt, calm spirit etc.

Finally they swap resist nature's lure for +4 saves against death effects, negative energy and energy drain, culminating in immunity to negative energy and energy drain (swapping out venom immunity).

It sounds like a pretty good fit for Carrion Crown, but I'm not used to playing with phantoms, and the druid spell list doesn't look like it really works for buffing. Any advice would be much appreciated :)

Evening all,
I'm about to start a brand new Carrion Crown game (level 1). I found the Death Druid from the new book Horror Adventures rather fitting, from what I could gather from the setting. However, I've never played a druid, nor a spiritualist. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience playing the death druid, and what build you ended up going with? Apologies for the lack of substance, but right now all I've got is the class I'd like to play :L

I might be going a bit too specific on this, but it looks like the goals for this encounter are:
1. Must be AMAZING
2. Can't be a group vs 1 scenario (good call, they're rarely fun).
3. The leaving player wants his character to leave, permanently.

To fulfil the above, might I suggest a ritual? The party discover that the Lich has discovered a way of ascending to godhood, or some other diabolical goal, through the use of an evil and perverse ritual (you can even use some of the lich's previous actions as requirements for the ritual). In order to do this, he must use his phylactery in the ritual, destroying it. This opens a rent/portal/other mystic voodoo, and after absorbing enough of the power, he will ascend.
The players enter just after the ritual is completed, but before the lich has managed to absorb the power. During this time the lich is taking damage each round (he's absorbing power from the portal), but this damage is shared out by his secondary casters, as the shield other spell, albeit one way. If the party wants to kill him, they're going to need to deal with the other enemies. But on the plus side for the heroes, if he dies, he has no phylactery to fall back on.
To add complications to the issue, he still has his secondary casters on hand (although some may have died during the ritual) to aid him. To add even more complications, the massive doom portal of doom spits out random magical effects each round, flavoured to fit the lich's goals. For example, if he's made the deal with infernal powers, unholy hellfire might spit out occasionally, or devils spawn during the fight, or magic starts to behave oddly near it, or all of the above.
Now here's the kicker. After a gruelling fight, the heroes slay the lich, the other casters lie dead, they're victorious! Everyone starts to relax and congratulate each other on a job well done. But slowly they notice the portal isn't closing. On the contrary, it appears to be getting bigger. An appropriate skill check informs the party that a freely given soul was required to open the portal (the phylactery), and another (also freely given) is required to close it. What happens to the soul is up to you, although it's a pretty good place to have the leaving player sacrifice himself to save the world. Bonus points if the rest of the party doesn't know that's what the player was wanting to do, so they can agonise over how to deal with it before he steps up.

A few quick points. For secondary casters for rituals, the casters don't necessarily have to be casters. So throwing a couple of melee types in there might be useful. Another is that while having the group fight one enemy can be anticlimactic, owing to the action economy heavily skewing in the favour of the party, having a massive army can also slow combat to a crawl. If you want to have hordes of lesser devils start showing up for example, maybe treat them like a swarm? Also, creating difficult terrain to stop the party all just charging the lich can make the fight more interesting. Also, if you're wanting to make changes to the world, having a ritual seriously mess it up then having a god coming in and fixing it can open the door to making changes that don't break immersion.

This was just an idea, hope your party has a blast, whichever way you end up going!

Wow I'm dumb. I thought that between the VMC and underground chemist I got access to throw anything. D'oh.
I was considering taking focused study, and heart of the fields. With that I'd end up getting 2xlevel on craft alchemy checks (which all stack) so by level 3 I'd be rocking a craft score that could actually be useful.

Hi folks, I'm interested in trying to make a character that specialises in utilising alchemical items and bombs. I'd prefer to keep things as non-magical as possible, and stumbled across this idea when I starting searching.
The basic idea is in the title; take the underground chemist rogue archetype and the alchemist vmc to get 1 1/2 level to craft: alchemy checks and the ability to add intelligence to standard flasks, with proper alchemist bombs for when things get really hairy.

25 point buy, core races only, starting at level 3. I was wondering if anyone has played a similar build before, and has any advice on feats/items I'll need to get my hands on, or any really useful alchemical items. I also noticed that flasks of acid etc. aren't exactly cheap, any tricks to reducing the cost?

Rough idea so far is:

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18 (+2 bonus)
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

1: Quick Draw
HB: Skill Focus: Craft Alchemy
3: Concentrated Splash (does this apply to sneak attack?)

Any input would be welcome :)

I thought the rogue's terrain mastery only got you to +2, then if you took the talent again you could pick another terrain, but it didn't increase the first one? I could be misreading it though :L

Hello, I'm about to play in a pirate game starting at level 3. Considering we're going to be spending the entire time on the water, I was looking at making a Horizon Walker. The problem is I could have sworn the rogue talent "Terrain Mastery" stacked, but it would appear it has been nerfed. I was wondering what the most efficient way of entering the class would be, with the maximum amount of favoured terrain (water) possible. I'm probably going to take the Cavalier VMC with the Order of the Green, as that would eventually give me another method of accessing Favoured Terrain. But I'm stuck on what the first 6 levels should be. Any help is appreciated!