what boots should i get?


Just looking for some advice.
I have a ninja character who maximized acrobatics, specializing in tumbling... I am currently looking at boots for my character (who is PFS fyi).
I was thinking that i would just buy boots of striding and springing for the increase in movement speed. However, I already have 40 ms and dont know how much increasing that to 50 would affect things. So I have expanded my search.

The boots I am currently looking at:
boots of the cat... Act as a psuedo-feather fall with unchained barbarian rage, but at full speed, so flavor win.

cat burglar's boots... Allows a reroll for acrobatics once a day, which i hear is better than a flat bonus.
As i dont currently have this adventure path, I am hoping that this isnt the best choice so i wont have to buy it...

daredevil softpaw boots. gives all my attacks +2 untyped bonus if i tumble. which is handy considering i do it all the time, and when i get circling mongoose can tumble during a full attack, while dual weilding...

If you guys have any other options I am willing to hear you.

Silver Crusade

My personal take is that Boots of the Cat is one of my favorite pieces of footwear. Being a Ninja it's extra flavorful for you because you can jump out of windows or from rooftops, land perfectly(taking a maximum of 20 damage), then sprinting off into the night or into the crowd. That sounds like something a ninja would absolutely do.

However, in terms of actual use to your character, the Daredevil Softpaw Boots makes you much more effective. So basically: Boots of the Cat if you want to go for style, but Daredevil Softpaw Boots for actual effectiveness.

Second Daredevil's Softpaw Boots. It looks amazing and will pair extremely well with your style. I don't know how often you'd fall, but you should be good.

better yet, ask the GM if you can pay the 1.5 increase to combine the boots!

Scarab Sages

Boots of the Cat is a solid, inexpensive choice. Boots of Speed or Winged Boots are a higher level/pricier option.

I really wanted for Sandals of Quick Reaction to be a good choice for my Ninja. In theory, they are fantastic for the class. You get a full round of actions in the surprise round. So Vanish, sneak up on someone, attack with a full round before they get a chance to react with sneak attacks on all attacks. Then, if you win initiative, get another full round of sneak attacks off.

In practice, though, I've had the sandals for 6 or 7 levels and never had the opportunity to use them. PFS just isn't set up for that kind of sneaky assassin tactic in most situations.

Boots of the Cat are extremely useful for full speed falls and minimum pain.

But don't forget the boost you get from movement speed to acrobatic jumps that the Striding and Springing would give you (+5 for the springing portion of the boots and another +4 for the extra 10 feet of movement). It is always better to have as large a bonus for jumping as possible to get IMO.

Does PFS allow combining items? Boots of the Cat, Striding and Springing are great for the cost.

And there is always Boots of Haste assuming you can get them and afford them.

Scarab Sages

PFS does not allow custom magic items. So no, you can't combine them, unfortunately.

thanks for the advice guys, i think im going to go for the boots of the cat and the flavor win.
I do already have canny tumble so if i successfully roll they are flat footed and will probably hit them anyways... at least for the first attack

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