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Full Name

Aziraya Zhwan




Ranger 1




6'2", 210 lbs



Special Abilities

Cursory training in Thunder and Fang


Neutral Good






Animal Trainer

Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Aziraya Zhwan

Aziraya Zhwan was born to the Skull Clan of Varisia. Even as a child, he had a physically imposing build. The others in his tribe praised him for his strength and thought he was blessed by the animal spirits they worshiped. While his tribe mostly focused on the more primal aspects of their animal gods, he was always drawn more to the imagery of life and interdependence. He thought that suffering in others is the same as suffering in himself since all were part of the same system. Although praised for his raw strength he also gained the derision of his tribe for showing mercy to any captives of rival tribes from skirmishes. When he was 16, his tribe wasn't faring too well against the others. The leaders of the tribe, in an attempt to regain some kind of mock honor, decided to attack a mostly undefended settlement. A week before the attack, Aziraya snuck off to the settlement when he was supposed to be hunting and warned the settlement of the impending attack. When the tribe arrived and found a large amount of soldiers (sent by a local noble) waiting for them, they quickly decided that it wasn't worth the effort and went back to their tribe's home. Aziraya decided that he had no attachment to his tribe and left. He eventually joined the Silver Crusade in an attempt to make the world better and to make a name for himself.

He's big and imposing. Shoulder-length blonde hair, unkempt beard, and gray eyes. Patterned tattoos adorn his arms and shoulders. They start as wolves on both shoulders, with patterned depictions of legs going down his arm ending at his hands.