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Hi everyone! ^^
This month I've played some "one-shots" using pregenerated characters with some college mates. I've liked the game a lot and they invited me to play a new adventure, but this time it's an entire campaign and, the most important, I'll use my own character.

Since most of them are very busy at the moment, I thought it would be ok asking fo your opinion there. I have a few weeks to think about the character, so all opinions are welcome. I've to say I've asked them for tips and recommendations and this turned on that there are some non Core book things.

One last thing, the game is from 1 to 15/17 but I got a bit excited so I've gone until 20 even if we start at 1... My very little experience is playing level 1 - 3 - 5 so I'm not sure if it's good to fight things (for something the character is going to be a fighter).

Once all said, the build has to come (I'll try to put it all):

+ Human

Alternate racial trait:
+ Wayfarer (from PCS: Inner Sea Races)

+ Fighter

Favored class benefit:
+ 1 additional skill point (I think 1 extra HP it's not that much...)

Ability Scores (20 pt. build):
+ STR: 15
+ DEX: 14+2
+ CON: 14
+ INT: 14
+ WIS: 12
+ CHA: 7

Ability score increases:
+ Level 4: Str.
+ Level 8: Str.
+ Level 12: Str.
+ Level 16: Dex.
+ Level 20: Dex.

Traits (GM let us get 3 of them):
+ ¿? [Campaign] (I don't remember the campaign name)
+ Armor expert [Combat]
+ Valashmai veteran [Region]

Advanced weaponº & armor” training:
- Adaptable training” [Acrobatics] (7)
- Versatile trainingº [Polearms: bluff + intimidate] (9)
- Adaptable training” [Knowledge: engineering] (11)
- Armed braveryº (13)
- Adaptable training” [Profession: soldier] (15)
- Fighter’s reflexesº (17)

1.- Exotic weapon proficiency (fauchard)
1.- Weapon focus (fauchard)
1.- Toughness
2.- Power attack
3.- Combat reflexes
4.- Weapon specialization (fauchard)
5.- Advanced weapon training (versatile training [polearms: diplomacy + sense motive])
6.- Advanced armor training (armored juggernaut)
7.- Iron will
8.- Improved critical (fauchard)
9.- Critical focus
10.- Advanced weapon training (focused weapon: Fauchard)
11.- Sickening critical
12.- Penetrating strike
13.- Tiring critical
14.- Greater weapon focus (fauchard)
15.- Exhausting critical
16.- Greater penetrating strike
17.- Advanced weapon training (fighter’s tactics)
18.- Outflank
19.- Precise strike
20.- Greater weapon specialization (fauchard)
___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

I've looked to have a nice pool of skills (I think it's pretty big, at least compared to "Valeros" [pregenerated fighter]). I'm starting with 5 skill points (2 from class, 2 from high INT and 1 from favored bonus; the "Wayfarer" takes out "Skilled" so no extra from human racial). And, with levels, I got extra skills (If I put some rank on one of these skills It can be retained for free if I've got it right).

I've chosen the Fauchard because the critical range and because I've liked polearms skills that I can get through "Versatile training". I'm not completely sure how Reach works but before getting me in I want to know if it's a good choice (using a feat for proficiency hurts a bit).

I don't know if the "Weapon focus", "Weapon Specialization" and so on are worth it. I've just thought they would be nice enough considering high critical range and the "+2" from weapon focus and greater weapon focus together with weapon training ends up compensating Power attack penalization.

Focused weapon it's a little damage booster; I feel that power attack alone won't be enough at mid - later levels.

Fighter's tactics, Outflank and Precise strike seem very pretty to me, for 3 feats an additional +2 to hit (if flanking) and an average of 3 extra damage per hit (not critical multiplied, truly a pity) sound cool. I've put them very late and I'll probably don't have a chance to get them but the idea is there.

I'm not sure if the few damage increases joined with power attack would be enough to do enough damage to not be considered (in game) a poor warrior.

The Wayfarer alternate racial trait it's just for the lol of having a large amount of languages (at the moment I'm thinking on him as a mercenary, and he would need to understand his clients so I would put several ranks on linguistics even if I don't take "Wayfarer").

Thank you all for your patience, time, thoughts, opinions and help and sorry for such a long text and for my, almost sure, typos and misspelling.

OK, not bad, considering this is your first char creation. Ill put things in bullet points as i go down the list.

*Dex. If your are going heavy armor, dex is not as important. Maybe move your +2 to Str. Otherwise your ability scores look good.
*Stat increases. Again, if using heavy armor, dont put points into dex, Str and Con are your friends.
***If your are not planning on using hvy, and going Med or Lite, then some more points into Dex helpful**
*Weapon. As a fighter you get alot of feats.... eating 1 up for a weapon you want will not hurt you... Finding 1 in campaign on the other hand... will be the bigger issue. A polearm is a good weapon, and reach can work with or against you as reach can only hit targets AT reach... and not adjacent opponents.
*Weapon Focus/Specialization. These will help alot, as you said focus can offset the penalties for Power Att, and the Damage bonus from Specialization will be useful, the extra 2-4 damage per hit adds up, especially when you confirm a Crit.

These are just a couple of things i would look at, but in the end, its your char and your vision. Play for fun, and if the GM tailors the campaign to include items the chars will actually use, all the more gooder!!

Hope this is the kind of info you were looking for

I'm not sure what your end goal/character theme is, but a few basic critiques.

Your Strength is too low, and using your racial bonus on Dex is inefficient. It's better invested in Strength. You want to start off with at least a 16 Strength.

Your Intelligence is probably too high. It seems you're really trying to get a lot of skills/skill points, which maybe fighter isn't the best for. If you really want to play up the intelligent fighter thing, check out the Lore Warden archetype. Also, talk to your GM about implementing the Background Skills system.

You can't take Advanced Weapon Training at level 5. You have to wait until level 9, after you've selected your first group. You also don't get your first option for Advanced Armor Training until 7.

It's probably not worth it to invest in so many Critical feats, even with a high-crit weapon like the fauchard. Pick one or two, and focus the rest of your feats on things like Combat Patrol to really make the most of your reach weapon.

Actually, you can take Advanced Weapon Training as a feat as soon as you get Weapon Training. You just can't take it in place of Weapon Training 1, but the above build isn't doing that -- the 5th level character feat is perfectly legitimately used to pick up Advanced Weapon Training. Likewise, you can take Advanced Armor Training as a feat as soon as you get Armor Training. You just can't take it in place of Armor Training 1, but the build above is using the 6th level Bonus Combat Feat to get it, which is legitimate. You are limited in how often you can take these feats, but I didn't see a violation in there. What I did see is that the build seems to be missing the later instances of regular Weapon Training -- might as well use these to get backup weapons or to get more Advanced Weapon Training (as far as I can tell, replacements of Weapon Training 2-on with Advanced Weapon Training don't count against how often you can take Advanced Weapon Training as a feat, which is once every 5 levels unless you are a Weapon Master, who can also use Bonus Combat Feats to get it without counting against this limit).

My worries are about putting too many eggs into one basket, both with respect to weapon type and what to do with it -- it might be better to invest some in ranged weapon combat (you don't have to invest in all the stuff needed for awesome archery), and drop some of the minor damage boosts in favor of Combat Maneuvers (Fauchard even has the Trip property). If you go for Trip and/or Disarm, check out the Weapon Mastery Feats Ace Trip and Ace Disarm. Being able to shoot flying enemies out of the air without needing to do enough damage to kill them directly would be pretty awesome (especially when you run into flying enemies that you can't catch up to even after receiving the Fly spell and Haste, and that have their own ranged attacks), as would relieving Humanoid opponents of their weapons from a distance.

Scarab Sages

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Alright, lots of critique incoming.

1) Drop toughness, take Weapon Focus later (or drop it completely), and move Power Attack and Combat Reflexes to 1st level. They're both solid feats, and WELL worth the investment at low levels, particularly Combat Reflexes if you're grabbing a reach weapon.

2) Your Intelligence is fine at a 14, but you aren't using it for anything but skill points, and that's a shame for a reach fighter. Either swap your Intelligence and Wisdom scores (that +1 to Will Saves and Perception checks is well worth it), or change out Weapon Focus/Specialization/some other feat for Combat Expertise and Improved Trip, possibly up to Greater Trip when you get the chance. Remember, you want lots of attacks off of Combat Reflexes, and that -4 AC penalty prone enemies get is WAY better than weapon focus.

3) Swap your Strength and Dexterity, put the racial bonus into Strength. 16 Strength, 15 Dex, pump Dexterity at 4th, put the rest into Strength. Armor Training will eventually let you make use of that Dex, but you don't need too much. A Belt that improves Dexterity may eventually give you more than enough.

4) You have too many eggs in one basket. Fauchards are a great weapon, and may be worth the Exotic Weapon Proficiency, but you've sunk SO much investment into them that you'll be unwilling to use other weapons when they come along, and that's a shame. Pick up other feats that will help your overall cause. Furious Focus, Combat Maneuver Feats, and if you're okay with dropping some of the critical feats/other weapon specific feats, consider the Spear Dancing Style/Spear Dancing Reach feats. You've got the feats space for them, and they'll do a lot to improve your damage output against single targets, allowing you to hold your own against groups and larger solo threats.

5) If you don't want to throw that many feats into melee combat, consider investing a few feats into Ranged combat. Again, your Dexterity will be pretty beefy for a melee character, so why not put it to use? Drop all that weapon focus/specialization/toughness stuff, and grab Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, and Rapid Shot. Now, against flying enemies, or enemies you want to keep out of melee (or heck, if your HP just gets low) you have a viable ranged option. If you're willing to pick up quick draw, you could actually start combat with a ranged flurry, drop the bow, and then quick draw your reach weapon for the incoming attacks of opportunity.

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I'd drop Armor expert for defender of society the straight +1 ac is better than the armor checks for a fighter.

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