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Hello there. I've been running a campaign and one of my players a druid is kinda sad with how his druid is pushed back when a guy who was gone came back and made a new character that took over a tanking role so he was looking at other Archtypes and didn't particular care for any of the druid Archtypes and he's been relegated to support caster but is meh about it. So he was asking for my help in making a new archtype. As in the above topic a swarm lord since he enjoys summoning swarms.

I decided to give it a shot and this is my second draft so far.

LV 1- Nature Bond- A swarmlord who chooses an animal companion must select a small creature or vermin. If choosing a domain, the swarmlord must choose from the animal and earth domains.

If animal companion is taken when they advance size category instead of becoming medium or large. They instead became a swarm of that size. -No creature they pick can be fine or diminutive in size

Wild Empathy- A swarmlord can use wild empathy with swarms as a full-round action with a +4 bonus.
Though information is still limited

Swarm Immunity- You are part of the swarm, you are at the center of it. The buzzing doesn't affect you at all. A swarmlord gains immunity to all swarm attacks. Is no longer affected by their distraction. You are also not affected by any swarms special attacks. ex. Centipede swarm poison or Monkey Swarms steal. Replaces Venom Immunity.

Wild Shape- You may only wild shape at 6th level and into a swarm of worm's or other creature that fits your desires. You gain the swarm sub type and are a swarm of small creatures. You lose access to Elemental and Plant wild shapes.

At 8th level- You may wild shape partial into a worm that walks template and gain the abilities from template with the exception of – Defensive Abilities, Special attacks, Skills, Abilities, and Feat.

Worm temp.

At 10th Level- Gain Fast Healing

At 12th Level- Gain Worm that Walks Traits and DR 2/-

At 14th Level – Immunities

At 16th Level- Discorporate and DR 3/-

At 18th Level- Squirming Embrace DR 4/-

At 20th Level- Gain any remaining aspects of worm that walks. DR 5/-

The worm that walks was my idea since it seems to fit with the idea of a swarm lord and I don't think how I set up it's power build is too OP but I might be missing it... I first had DR 5/- at level 12 but thought that was too much even if a Druid can wild shape into an elemental with DR 5/- at that level it still seemed a bit too good so this is how I balanced it out. Thoughts, suggestions, people telling me I'm making a horrible mistake by doing this. Let me know I'm open to feedback.

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