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A friend of mine is starting a Pathfinder campaign with pretty much every class option available (except possibly Dragon Disciple with certain combinations). I'm going to be playing a Psychic, probably a Rebirth Psychic.

The Rebirth discipline gets Contact Other Plane at 6th level, which is on the Psychic list as a 5th-level spell. I figure the Psychic has to be able to cast it at 6th level since it specifically gets that spell at that point, but a 6th-level Psychic can only cast 3rd-level spells. How would casting it work at 6th level?

(This question is probably answered somewhere already, but I couldn't find anything in the book or through several Google/forum searches, so I figured I'd just ask it myself.)

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Rebirth Psychics get COP as a 3rd level spell.

That's nice and simple. Thanks!

*thinks the correct answer at you*

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