Anyone remember the Stephen King book and movie?
I was looking at creating a character based on her. My first thought is a Kinetecist with fire focus initially and branching into aether.

Any thoughts on how to take this concept and make it a viable character?

Scarab Sages

Just go fire/fire/aether. The iconic kineticist is very similar to her. You'll need a backup option vs fire immunity, but it's the most damaging element.

The blockbuster wizard is a classic that I feel holds up.

Flame Sorcerer... Go half-orc for extra damage if you'd like.
Flame Oracle.

I mean, this is pretty easy to make, you just grab up a ton of fire spells and go nuts.

If 3pp stuff is an option, the Pyromancer is one of my favorites. 9th level caster, gets Charisma (their casting stat) to damage with fire spells, a short 2 feat tree to get double Charisma mod to damage, able to eventually bypass resistance and immunity (around 15th or so I think. I dont think its their capstone) Plenty of flame spells to set the world alight with.

Note: Know nothing about the book or movie, so cant guarantee the concept fits.

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