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Benefit: The longer the investigator studies his opponent, the greater the damage he ultimately deals with his studied strike. When the investigator makes a studied strike, he deal a number of points of additional damage equal to the number of consecutive rounds he studied the target with studied combat.

If I use this and refresh my studying I've still studied them for X consecutive rounds. Conceptually what I'm thinking is studying my prison guard for say 10 minutes then flicking a stone at the back of his head.

It's a fairly narrow useage but the ability isn't that great so I was curious. I'd be inclined to allow it because it's an interesting power and creates a funny situation where keeping an investigator locked up with someone guarding him is dangerous.


According to the discussion in the link above, the maximum consecutive rounds you can study the target with is restricted by your Int modifier and Inspiration pool.

So if you use all your inspiration you could study your target for:
(Inspiration) + 1) x (Int mod) rounds.

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