With all the latest updates what's the best kineticist Jedi build?


Ast He thread suggests I'm considering playing a kineticist Jedi build.

Upon Initial examination it looks like air then aether are the best elements. Kinetic blade naturally. Past that I'm not sure.

Elemental Ascetic looks promising, but I don't love the idea of giving up elemental overflow and defense. Plus one level monk dip will give the vast majority of those things. Though with the monk your BAB suffers.

Race wise I suppose anything with a con bonus or wis if you got Elemwnral Asceric (leaning toward human). Any others with nice benefits?

What are other build considerations? Thoughts?

Grand Lodge

If you feel a monk dip is required, unchained monk keeps up the BAB.

Given the number of powers Jedi possess in the starwars universe, and the variance between different ones, it would probably be worth outlining all the powers you want, and then building to match.

Silver Crusade

You're right that you could probably just go regular or unchained monk for most things that elemental ascetic offer with less of a BAB loss. The choice between chained and unchained isn't too large, as unchained gives 1 BAB while chained gives +2 will save and a bonus feat. Not sure what you mean by latest updates, as Occult Origins didn't give anything that really helps with jedi (maybe some gravity themed stuff?), and Ultimate Intrigue didn't help much on that front either.

I'd probably say Con's more important, aether as your specialization, with air being your expanded element. You'd be best going weapon finesse for the build, tanking strength and charisma for more dex/con/wis, as you have a fair amount of dump stats with the class.

Due to the list of talents being pretty sparse, there's no real suggestions I can give here, just take what's there and you'll be fine sticking with 1st party material.

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