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I tried to order a couple of pdfs this afternoon and wasn't able to. It sounds similar to the problem described here: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2tj30?Purchasing-broken

I also tried to add a payment independent of the ordering process, but even though it said "payment added", it wasn't.

(Also, there's a UI issue: when I tried to add the payment on my MacBook, the address selecting popup didn't scroll down, so I could only choose my default address as the payment address -- which is the right address, modulo preferred vs real name)

Thanks for you help!

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Griffid,

The first attempt to place the order failed the address verification system. Usually this happens when the billing address attached to the card doesn't match what your bank has on file for it.

There were 2 other attempts made with a different card (so it looks like you were able to add it). Those got a "General decline of the card. No other information provided by the issuing bank." That is a decline on your banks end.

We should be able to help you get the card and address information added but you will want to give us a call for that as sending card information through email is not a good idea. You can reach us at 425-250-0800 between 10am and 5pm pacific time Monday through Friday.

The issue with the address box on Apple devices is usually related to compatibility mode in Safari. If you turn compatibility mode off the issue should go away. Some devices may not allow you to turn it off though.

Thanks Diego!

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