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Sorry if this is somewhere else, but I could not find it. I have two questions about ordering the pdf versions of the books.
1st. when you buy the pdf version, does it come with the errata automatically or do you have to download that also?
2nd. how big are the files? I can not find this anywhere. if I downloaded the core rule book etc how big is the file. I don't have much memory and was thinking of putting on a flashdrive, but would like to know how much memory it needs to have.

The "lite" version of the Single file Core Rulebook is 47,894 kb.

You always get the latest version of the files, and are notified when they are updated so you can download the updated versions.

If you purchase the Core Rulebook you get 4 files.
1) Regular Single file version
2) Lite Single file version
3) Regular multiple file (1 for each chapter) version
4) Lite version of #3.

-- david

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your question! Looks like Papa DRB answered most of the points up there, but I thought I'd chime in to give you some more details in case you they were helpful.

As DRB said, there are 4 versions that you can download, which include "single file" (the whole book in one PDF) or "file-per-chapter", which is split up into multiple PDFs. Then there is also regular and lite, which is a version that is a bit more compressed and leaves out the art to make it a smaller file size and more printer friendly.

When you purchase the PDFs, the downloads will be available on your account in the My Downloads section. They won't actually take up space in your computer until you pick one of them to download, so if you want the bigger versions you would have time to make some space. The File sizes break down like this, according to my computer:

1) Single-file PDF: 120.2MB
2) Lite Single-file PDF: 49MB
3) Multi-file PDFs: 160MB
4) Lite Multi-File PDFs: 53.4MB

Hopefully that's helpful! Just let us know if there are any further questions or concerns that you may have, and I'll be more than happy to assist you.


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