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Online Guide Team Lead - JTT wrote:

We may have overpruned that information when cleaning g up duplicates. I will look into it.

(It should also be in after the game)

I had a bunch of new people at my table the other day that were asking this same question. Its sad that even after three years, the information for "after the game" is still missing.

Help.. Does anyone know if there is an Errata for the Chronicle Sheet?? For some reason it states under Boons..
"Congratulations on completing King in Thorns!...."
There are also no items listed..

Anyone actually run this yet? How long does it take? Trying to figure out how much time to set aside? TIA

Virginia J. wrote:

Hi Brian!

I'm sorry that our website didn't let you know. It looks like your bank declined to let your card go through, but didn't provide our processor with a reason why. It might be a good idea to call your bank, or send us an email at and we can take a deeper look into your card.

i emailed customer service on 4/16, so hopefully it is in the queue to be handled soon.. In the mean time I updated my payment just in case. Although if payment was delicned, why were the items removed from my cart?

Anyway... going to try again..


Any word on why this was removed and is now unavailable for anyone to download? Including 4 stars, VA, and VL

Is anyone having issues with their PDF order not being processed? i had placed an order over a ago 2 weeks ago for some PDFs (module and core rules for 2E)but it never got processed. I went through all the steps up to the PayPal and completed the order. But, i never got an email confirmation and when I checked, my back account was never charged. So, ofc I ordered again.. but its been three days now and still on email confirmation and no product.. Help pls?

The Masked Ferret wrote:
When can we get it sanctioned for Pathfinder Society?

This would be great as a quest.. it matches all the other low level ones..

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I heard at a recent convention that you can run this with 3 tables instead of 5. Can someone verify this for me? We have a small local convention coming up where I'll be lucky to get 3 tables, let alone 5.

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Two Questions.. What happens to unreported points? i have several Playtest points that were apparently never reported?

2. Is anyone else having issues registering a Second edition character? it wont let me choose a faction and wont let me register a character with out choosing a faction...

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QUOTE="Suede"] The Clockwork Cipher is an artifact. You can't buy or have it. The GM can't just add loot to the chronicle.

I'm going to assume he realizes that and just thematically had Grave treader give the group custom appearance wayfinders, that have little clockwork bits on them. IE, if you don't have a wayfinder already you can drop the 500 gold to have one, and just say it's clockworky. Purely aesthetic, no mechanical benefit.

So if that's the case. Why write it on there to begin with? I makes me wonder if any other groups that played this at Gencon had this written on it. Would this then make the chronicle invalid?

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When I played this at Gen con,the GM wrote on everyone's chronicle by the treasure part "Clockwork Wayfinder" I have not been able to find this in any resource. I am now running it at my FLGS, and was able to read the scenario for the first time. I do not see a "Clockwork Wayfinder" listed anywhere. But I do see on pg 15, a Clockwork Cipher listed as treasure. I this what I reward my players with? And if so, how much would it cost to buy?

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oh ok.. thanks for answering.. makes sense now ...

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The latter. They used to be illegal. Then they were fixed now they are legal.


So why don't they just change the first sentenance? and take them out instead of adding a new one on?

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Can some one help me with this the Additional Resources under the Pathfinder Advanced Class Guide it says:
"Archetypes: all archetypes on pages 75-133 are legal for play, except forgepriest, hex channeler, musketeer, mutation warrior, packmaster, primal companion hunter, primalist, spirit summoner, and steel hound. Hex channeler, mutation warrior, and primal companion hunter are now legal for play."
So my question is.. Which is it? are the archetypes legal or not?. the one sentence says they are not, but the very next sentence says they are...

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hopefully someone can answer this... with the channel energy to command undead.. the feat control undead say the HD of undead is based on cleric leve. Is your Oracle level count for this?

I see it's been a while since someone posted here, so I hope my question gets answered.

PFS question.
if my tome eater eats a scroll or spell book listed on the chronicle sheet, does that mean it is no longer available? since it is "permanently destroyed"

wow.. thanks... I did not realize this. yes it was from EEST. I didnot think it might even be a problem until after I logged off and went to another site and got the same message..

It does appear they fixed it though...

NEW PROBLEM!!!!!!....Hopefully someone is working on a fix. When I tried to click the download, my Anti-Virus software kicks me off the website because it detects a Trojan Virus.

"Threat found
This web page contains potentially dangerous content.
Threat: HTML/Refresh.BC trojan
Access to it has been blocked. Your computer is safe."

Sorry if this is somewhere else, but I could not find it. I have two questions about ordering the pdf versions of the books.
1st. when you buy the pdf version, does it come with the errata automatically or do you have to download that also?
2nd. how big are the files? I can not find this anywhere. if I downloaded the core rule book etc how big is the file. I don't have much memory and was thinking of putting on a flashdrive, but would like to know how much memory it needs to have.

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Yiroep wrote:
Occult Adventures wrote:


I sooo confused.... so does A relic hunter cast spells from the inquisitor spell list? or Occultist list?.. Inquisitor's don't have relic schoolso, and which occultism spells are on the Inquisitor list?

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I was wandering does anyone know if Paizo is going to do a book of implements?? This would be awesome.

Also, If I had a dwarven Battlehost, would the spell resistance they get help against fear and other mind effects that cause problemsto Physic casters? and what about taking iron will?

sorry for noob question.. what book was this trait in? Also since it is diety specific, can you have this and a faith trait? thanks