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Good day veteran pathfinder,

I was given am opportunity to join a current party of lvl 7 core pathfinders. I'll be joining the as a new lvl 7 cleric playing for no credit. Want to know how much gp I'll start of with, since I'm starting at lvl 7 and not 1.

Yours sincerely,


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If you're talking about PFS (which I assume based on referencing "core" and "playing for no credit"), you can't start as a level 7 character. You can play one of the level 7 pregens, but you can't make a new character. New characters start at level 1. If you've got an existing group of people with level 7 PFS characters, they should know all about this and you probably should talk with them so they can fill you in a bit more on how it works.

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