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I'd like to swap anecdotes with anyone who's tried playing as a syrinx. Since they haven't had much background information explained as of yet, is there anything you added to them?

Here's mine. I put her in the Emerald Spire (I figured all the low ceilings would limit potential natural-flight-at-low-levels issues, for one thing).

Kaia Reroor, LE Syrinx Arcanist:

The GM let me add in that Syrinx civilization pre-dated Earthfall, that they had briefly interacted with some serpentfolk who'd burrowed up under one of their mountains in ages past, and that they, and the aboleth, had declared each other arrogant idiots who'd stolen their ideas of bioengineering their own servitor race.

Also, due to their society being artsy, philosophical, and racist, I presumed they'd had limited contact with Flightless races - so she presumed them all to be violent, gullible, sex-crazed, god-fearing halfwits who believed that everything belonged to that individual. I summarized her to the GM as, "She's the racist owl lady who wants to interview the racist burrowing bug in order to show up her pen pal, the racist psychic fish." Hence, LE.

Kaia had undergone treatments to allow her to speak Flightless tongues better, which ended up giving her more flexibility regarding spells. She started off trying to disguise herself as human, fearing what the others would do to her when they found out, but as it turned out, all they ended up doing was blaming her for everything that went wrong. ("Shoot the bird!" became our group's unofficial motto)

I hoped, during character creation, that a team of Good people would help her deal with her cultural bigotry and facilitate a shift to LN, but instead, the rest of the group was all "Chaotic Neutral" and terrified her. She started out without any damaging spells, but eventually got several, which saddened her. Also, she was the target of multiple acts of humiliating comeuppance, since half of the non-Hellknight-related conflict in the module were her fault.

In the end, she got her interview, met a friend who she liked for preferring flight to the ground she'd crawled up out of, and took her back home so she could plan to liberate all the strix she'd found out where they went.

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It seems to me that a Syrinx should always be a priest, and must hate all bards and seek to confiscate all musical instruments.

Anything else would be a sacrilege...

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Now I need to listen to 2112.

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...Or is Blake referring to a certain Don Bluth film? Though that'd work better for an Air or Shadow sorcerer.

Anyway, I chose to interpret the bit about "Nebulous Faiths" as "They think ecclesiastical religion is stupid", which led to some threatening from our Calistrian Bar-Clerian. Now I want to try a syrinx druid or shaman.

Strip are more tribal and shamanistic. Archaist doesn't seem to be a good fit culturally, but there's no rule against it.

Edit: Theres a pathfinder tale called "Nightglass" which gives good background on strix culture.

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Just dredging this up to clarify, but I know strix are more tribal; since not as much information has been canonized about syrinx, I chose to imagine syrinx society as an artsy, pseudo-intellectual clifftop equivalent of Plato's Republic, where their eggs are put in communal hatcheries and physical labour is seen as ugly - something Flightless do.

DM_Blake wrote:

It seems to me that a Syrinx should always be a priest, and must hate all bards and seek to confiscate all musical instruments.

Anything else would be a sacrilege...

Make sure you have Computer Use skill up to par for when you're in the hallowed halls.

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