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FAQ: How does Battlemind Link work? "If you both make melee/ranged attacks against the same creature, you both make attack rolls and both use the higher of the two dice for your attack rolls (plus bonuses)" is too vague as to how it functions in turn-based combat where the combatants might have a different number of attacks.

So a few years ago there was this thread asking how battlemind link works. The problem is it didn't work as written as the thread concluded. However it then got an updated in the errata. Unfortunately the update didn't fix the spell, it only corrected an editing error, changing "melee or ranged" to just "melee" in the first effect. The spell is still broken but the FAQ request was marked as "fixed in the FAQ". Other than adding in the spell components, which were left out in the original printing, there have been no other updates either in an FAQ or errata that I could find.

There have been other threads asking about this spell that did not get as big as the first thread: here, here, here, and here.

Hopefully this spell gets clearer wording as currently it does not work as written without GM intervention.

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