HawkCon II: The Wrath Continues ... or how cartmanbeck kills a party ...

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Sorry, cmb, but it was humorous (at our table).

We had a good turnout: myself, Eliandra, cartmanbeck, Rebel Song, Hawkmoon, Calthaer, and Randy. It was Eliandra, Hawkmoon and myself playing at one table and the others at the second table. Got through 4 scenarios so we still have 1-2E to go.

However, the Family Tomb turned out to be deadly for three party member when cmb couldn't make the check and killed himself (even with his Paizo shirt re-roll and available dice bumps!). Sadly, we all know the rule about dying in guild play. Luckily there was a dumpster in the back of the store.

Except for the mass execution, we had a really good time. Did a little playtesting of stuff after Hawkmoon and Calthaer headed home.

Next meet-up scheduled for Feb 27th. Thank you again to Eliandra for hosting and making a YUMMY peanut butter frosted chocolate cake!!!!

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It was lonely being the only one at the table to survive. I will miss having Raz around, because Lem is weak and having someone who can take a combat check away in dire straits is really useful. Hawk and I will likely also try to "level-up" an alternate character in case that happens to one of us. Lem is squishy and, looking at the upgrades for the Bard class deck, I am not sure they are all that great. I might try to alt-level one of these new class decks which seem like they are much more carefully constructed and viable.

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Just remember that the "I am Gronk" deck out this week.

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Oof, Family Tomb strikes again!

Glad the fun was had, all the same.

*from the afterlife* Poor, poor Raz. Rushing to the rescue of Darago only to perish at the Family Tomb, with only two cards in her discard pile! So healthy and young... :(

At least Wrathack got some play after that, also being a sole survivor (like Lem). And the first place she closed was the Family Tomb!

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Yeah, that was a pretty terrible thing. I felt so bad, but we literally tried everything to get that check done. The real problem was that we had two people at the Family Tomb, but I was NOT there... plus I had five cards in my deck and an almost-full hand, so I didn't figure there was anything that was going to kill me (since I had a five-card hand size)... but then I ran into a barrier that, when I failed, forced me to discard ALL FIVE cards from my discard pile, and the only way I could make the check was to roll a natural 8 on a d8 for Wisdom and then use all four die bumps of those at the table to make it a 12. With my shirt re-roll, I had two chances, but rolled a 6 both times.

That being said, we pulled out some other characters and had a great time anyway, and at least we weren't in Chapter 6 or something crazy high like that... high-level character deaths in this game are extremely tragic.

So, my job before Feb 27th is to solo-level a character who is actually useful up to the point where he/she can join in (I was playing Wu Shen after my poor class-deck Sajan bit the big one, and Wu Shen is NOT made for Wrath. WAY too many creatures immune to poison).

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It was a great way to spend a Saturday! Thanks to everyone who put it together and who came. (And to the store for hosting us.)

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Worth noting, our table had a moment of great triumph when Radillo ran into the immune-to-electricity boss with two checks to defeat while alone at her location and only a lightning touch in her hand. (She either had a force missile as well or used her sneaky Radillo powers to get one, but she was able to pummel one check and spell the other. Either way, it was pretty exciting.)

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That was an awesome encounter. The first check was that Arushalae used a crossbow, allowing Radillo to play Magic Weapon, and therefore Blessing of Pharasma. The second check was the "so you thought you were immune" Lighting Touch. It was awesome.

Also, hilariously, our group had a scenario where Family Tomb was awesome. We closed it quickly, then saw that the barrier was Rallying Cry, the 2 remaining monsters were Constrictor Snake and something else easy, and that it had a deck 2 spell and a deck 2 weapon. So we all three moved there to loot it. So, what killed on group was the best thing to happen to the other.

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We would have won that Rallying Cry, too, if only I had remembered I was a mythic marshal. /shakes fist

If you look at the Guide to OP, multiple characters can add multiple die bumps to a check.


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We're in AD2, so everyone only had 1 die bump each.

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zeroth_hour2 wrote:

If you look at the Guide to OP, multiple characters can add multiple die bumps to a check.


Being new to OP, I even asked if the other table could add their die bumps. Alas, it was not to be.

Sajan just really wanted to die a Death of Righteousness and drag everyone else down with him. :-P

What's the thematic reason for everyone dying at the Family Tomb? I haven't played the RPG.

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