[Roll20 / G+] To Judge a Soul, 8th November 3pm GMT

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5/5 *****

When a samsaran dies, he is reborn again with few memories of his past lives. The cycle continues until he has earned a righteous place in the afterlife. After years of service and lifetimes of accomplishment, Venture-Captain Bakten nears the end of his noble existence and has begun investigating his past lives as a means of understanding Tian Xia's rich history. However, he cannot complete his research alone, and only with the PCs' assistance can they decipher the region's past.

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You might want to mention that this is a CORE game in the title.

Sovereign Court

If it's Core as the WH page says, I'm in, but an Arcanist is signed up.

5/5 *****

It is normal, weird Warhorn bug set it as Core.

Sovereign Court

Dang, still trying to get a non Core above Level 1 lol

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