Brawler's Martial flexibility interaction with Flowing Monk archetype

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Hoping to get some clarification on how Brawler's Martial Training feature would interact with a single level dip into the Flowing Monk archetype, specifically relating to the Redirection ability.

I can clearly see that I would not gain the features which evolve at certain levels of Flowing Monk (additional rounds sickened and extra triggers for Redirection). My question is, if I have levels in Brawler as well, do I get full uses of the basic Redirection per day with Brawler levels counting toward Monk levels (i.e. Flowing Monk 1/Brawler 5 getting 6 uses/day).

Martial training makes a point to call out Stunning Fist as an example where you get full uses per day as if your Brawler levels = Monk, Redirection replaces Stunning Fist from the base monk class, and includes the same language regarding granting one use a day per Monk level. However martial training RAW only mentions feats/items. I'd love for this to be a near enough case to qualify, but can't find discussion about it anywhere and would love some opinions/feedback from you all.

if it's not a feat then it doesn't. If it's a home game ask your GM, it'd probably be okay.

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