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The pregen characters feel like they are underbuilt, terribly unoptimized, especially at 7th level. I was wondering if anybody here had suggestions on how to improve them, such as converting Merisel to Unchained and changing her Favored Class Bonuses from Hit Points to Skill Points, or changing Seoni's Favored Class Bonuses to extra spells known.

If these pregen characters could be updated using the expanded material from the various rulebooks and then put up here on the website, I would be ecstatic.

We could make Harsk use a Longbow, and make Valeros stop using two different weapons and taking Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization feats for both.

Have you played through an adventure path with them? The term unoptimized on these boards has become synonymous with weak and useless, but when my group optimizes even a moderate amount we tend to steamroll adventure paths (and that's with a 15 point buy). Seems like the pregens are pretty well rounded, so they could probably handle play without too many issues. If the pregens can handle APs, do they need to be more optimized? Although seriously, Harsk, what's the deal with the crossbow, man?

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Merisel (Level 7) has +2 Studded Leather. If she instead had +1 Darkleaf Cloth Lamellar Curaiss (Leather), her AC (and lack of check penalty) would be exactly the same but it would cost less than half as much. Maybe then she would have money for a crossbow and a handy haversack. Similarly, why is she using Boots of Elvenkind? She should be using Boots of Striding and Springing...

If there is one thing I have learned with Pathfinder, it is that starting from level 4, you make TONS of money.

Have Amiri swing a two-handed sword instead of the large sized bastard sword. Or change her to Titan Mauler

As for Harsk, just leave his FE blank and let the player customize depending on the adventure.

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His whatnow?

Seth Dresari wrote:
His whatnow?

"FE" = 'Favored Enemy' would be my guess.

CRB Iconics should stick to CRB rules only. Still, they can do a lot better.

Part of the point of the PreGens is to send the message "it's okay to be oddball."

Hell, Harsk is using a crossbow because its different. (Though the NPC codex version of him could stand to have, say, vital strike. If you only get one shot a round, make that shot count...)

I'd be more inclined to give the Iconics the archetypes that fit their flavor and/or inspirational material better (like making Seoni a Tattooed Sorcerer, or making Valeros a Two-Weapon Warrior, or making Seyltiel a Blade-Bound Magus) then try to min/max them.

Oddballs are, by definition, not iconic. And Harsk using a crossbow, from a mechanics point of view, is being different-and-worse purely for the sake of being different. From an aesthetic point of view, a Dwarf with a longbow would be the oddball.

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