need a concept for gestalt Wrath of the (for sunday)


So out of the blue my group came up with WotR tomorrow, a campaign I've only heard bad things about and never given much thought as to a character concept I'd like to play it with.
And now I need one when I'm rather low on ideas and not even sure if I'll make it to the game.

I suppose I could go cheap with a paladin/fighter, but maybe some kind soul here might propose a concept I'd be able to put more spirit in?

side note if anyone goes as far as adding a build to the concept:
heroic point buy (that's..25pts?)
no crafting, probably no leadership, GM said PFS rules, but I don't think he fully knows what else is forbidden (still means paizo material only)

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If your wanting paladin:

Halfling paladin//Beastmaster Ranger

Divine bond the Weapon and get either a flying animal companion such as a Roc or dire bat or get a giant gecko.

Go mounted combat as it will be freaking fun and awesome.

Make your favored enemy match the campaign. Evil outsiders being the main enemy.

Between smite + favored enemy + spirited charge + mythic power attack....the numbers will be outrageous for sure.

I would take dangerously curious as my trait.

Champion is the path you choose. First ability is mythic smite.

I like Halflings...but many people will argue human with undersized mount...Its up to you but a Halfling does make for fun RP instead of the normal human pick.

Vanilla Paladin can wreck this AP (I DM'd it.)

I vote halfling switch hitting Paladin/Ranger Paladin/Cavalier with a wolf/war dog mount.

I would do a build but I don't like the idea of gestalt (just too much... everything) so I've never done one.

halfling..never played those, used an extremised version of ctfolk for small chars. Why halfling in particular? and how does one actually roleplay one thats a pally?

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Paladin/Oracle gives you a lot of synergy and both short and long-term play advantage. Given that some of the revelations available are equivalent to 3 feats, they're pretty handy to have around. I'd push towards Battle as your mystery. You would certainly have the ability to go ranged or melee as desired with a 25 pt buy.

Paladin/Cavalier with the archtype that gives your mount form of Dragon for hours/level. Think Huma from Dragonlance

Druid Barbarians are scary together when wildshaping

Now they changed that to the pirate campaign

I guess that lets us close this topic. Thanks still for the ideas, they got me thinking and may yet come in useful in the future

If you want something really unusual go for an Archeologist Bard/Paladin. The paladin gives you all your combat ability and defenses, and the archeologist bard gives you everything else. Use a trait to get disable device as a class skill and you can also cover the role of the rogue. Your other trait should be fates favored. Combine the archeologist luck, with heroism and smite evil and you will be incredibly effective.

This combo gives you full BAB, all good saves, decent skills, two spell lists off the same stat, healing, and the ability to buff the entire party. You can pretty much cover any role depending on your build and spell selection.

I was suggesting halfling for the medium mount. Rangers turn into mobile turrets when mounted and it is easier to get around on a medium mount.

I have a friend that played barbarian/sorcerer into dragon disciple prc that did really well. Using regular mukticlass rules btw.

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Are they still gestalting?

Halfling Duettist Bard/Paladin or Sorcerer/Paladin with a Mauler Hawk familiar would also work well for the mounted combat ideas.

I really liked playing a neutral character in this game. The concept was pretty easy that he was on the "Righteous" side to rid the land of the greater evil in the demons that were disrupting the land. Once the demons were taken care of he would then deal with removing the other righteous fanatics that did nearly as much harm to the land as the demons did. His end goal was to revert the land back to its natural state.

As for a character design, Ranger/Druid would thematically be appropriate. A druid/sorcerer could work very well as a pure caster (emp bloodline so only wisdom is needed). Ranger/Bloodrager or Ranger/Barbarian would make a cool martial character.

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