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Gauntlet of Ruin: "If you would defeat Eustoyriax, but the Chasm of Shadows is not permanently closed, Eustoyriax is undefeated instead".

I have just encountered Eustoyriax at the Chasm of Shadows. So far as I can see, I can never defeat him, since I can only close the location after I have defeated him. Is this really the designer's intent? If so, it seems harsh.

Here's a previous thread.

once you've defeated him so you don't take damage, he'll flee somewhere else and then you have to close the chasm before he flees back there.

I pressed on but have been defeated by the scenario. I encountered, among other things, 2 Spiked Pit Traps, 2 Poison Spiked Pit Traps, 1 Explosive Runes, 1 Bilious Bottle and 2 Arboreal Blights.

I really hate the barriers in WotR...

yeah, i'm playing ROTR and S&S in parallel and barriers are nothing in those two games!

Jduteau- I'm glad you think the barriers are easy in S&S. They tried really hard to kill our characters many times. We dreaded any location with more than 1 barrier.

Compared to RotR they definitely are! In S&S I liked it, because Barrier tended to have more interesting encounters than "Combat 8 Goblin." Wrath made me a lot more skittish about 'em, but I feel like it's almost a 50-50 shot between a freebie like Temptation of Lucre or the Big Die and something that will out and out murder you like your Demonic Hordes and Elemental Barrages.

Still, I'm more into Barriers as a general rule--I say, with our deep in AP6 campaign where we've never had the misfortune of encountering the completely random murder-killer, Bilious Bottle.

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