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I am a Venture-Lieutenant in Seattle and together with Stacey Buxton my fellow VL, we are going to be organizing PAX PRIME this year. We are currently looking for volunteers willing to work throughout the 4 days of the convention and of course willing to come to Seattle to do so.

The convention runs from Aug 28 - Aug 31, 10 am - 12 am Fri - Sun, 10 am - 7 pm on Monday. We will be running demos of the New Quests debuting at Gencon and demos of the new Wrath of the Righteous expansion for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. We will also need volunteers to organize players, manage prize support and fill in gaps where and when ever needed.

Paizo will be providing materials necessary to run the games, lots of fun prizes and special rewards for the GMs. In addition, for those who are willing to run 8 hours each day (4 - 6 on Monday) Paizo is willing to provide hotel rooms similar to Tier 1 and 2 GMs at Gencon.

If you are interested in Volunteering please contact either VL Stacey Buxton at or myself at with your interest to Volunteer. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at PAX PRIME!

Louis Manko Levite

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Already sent you an email regarding this!

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I won't be able to make it this year, but am planning on attending next year! To make up for it I'll spread the word that you guys are looking for volunteers up and down the east side of WA and hopefully get you some eager participants :)

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What will be the cost for PAX admission if one is willing to work the con similar to Tier 1 or 2 GM?

Scarab Sages 5/5

For those of you who have responded to the post to me please resend, the email in the post is an old address that I check infrequently. Please re post to so that I have an accurate count.

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Just to reiterate what Stacey asked, please send emails to him at rather than the first email. You can also send emails to Thank you very much again for volunteering.

Anyone volunteering for us during the convention will not have to pay to get into the volunteer area. If you wish to walk around the convention on your own you will have to purchase a badge. Volunteers who demo for us throughout each day and during the weekend will have access to badges on their breaks when time permits.

@Walter thanks, we would appreciate that.

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It looks like my wife and I will be headed to PAX this year as well as volunteering each day for 8 hours per day. This is provided of course that everything is confirmed on your and Stacy's end.

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We will gather the information and get it to Paizo so we can organize available space.

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