Low Str character holding someone and flying?


I'm playing a gnome witch with 8 str and I have the flight hex. I was wondering if there were any ways to carry my party members while I'm flying that I'm missing:
-Ant haul spell
-Muleback Cords
-Heavyload Belt
-Maybe stick them in a bag of holding if the DM would allow it
So, I'd rather not give up my precious belt or body slots for the magic items and Witches don't get access to ant haul.

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You could see if your GM will let you "graft" one of those items onto a different belt/cloak via Craft Wondrous Item. Depending on rules interpretation, it could be fairly inexpensive.

Can someone else cast ant haul on you, or are you the only arcane caster?

I'm the only arcane. Also, the DM likes to keep things as simple as possible, so the odds of changing the item type or paying to make it slotless are more or less null.

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There is use magic device. Could try to use that to cast ant haul from a wand. Also there is a ring of spell knowledge which could do what you want.

That being said, the maximum heavy carrying capacity for a 8 STR gnome is 60 lbs. Triple that to 180, subtract your own gear and you are likely not going to be able to pick up most medium creatures with either the cords, or belt/ant haul. You would need "both" in order to do so.

There are consequences for going that low in strength and being small.

Tell your party you are not a taxi ;)

Put them in a Portable Hole.

And dont forget to put in a Bottle of Air before you close it!


unless you want a funny (at least in a few years when you look back at it) near-TPK moment.

Enlarge Person is on your spell list. If you have the resources to use 2 spells to do what you want, Enlarge Person and Ant Haul will give you a 300lb heavy load.

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