Need character ideas quick


I need to come up with a character for a drunken oneshot on saturday. and I have no ideas

so I need a 10 level pathfinder build (wealth by level equipment included) that is simple enough to play while very drunk. preferably not a sorcerer. allowed books are ultimate magic, ultimate *Combat*, advanced players guide, advance class, advance race, ultimate equipment, *and Core*.

any suggestions would help

EDIT: was distracted and messed up the books

preferably not a sorcerer

Damn, there goes my idea.

How drunk?

Interesting no core rulebook, and two copies of ult magic ... ;)

Sovereign Court

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Orc Barbarian, power attack every round with a greatsword.

Grand Lodge

Drunken Master Monk?

Oh drunk out of character?

MR KaBoom
10th level Alchemist
Drop LOTS of BOMBS, while flying.
Elf, probally. Tiefling is also an option
Point Blank, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting for Feats.
Precise Bomb, Explosive Bomb, Wings, Fast Bombs (something else fun, maybe force bomb or infusion)
Dex Mutagen
Focus on DEX and INT for abilities.
A Blink Back belt would not be a bad idea, as well as a good dagger (+1 Agile is my suggestion) so you can save bombs for big bad guy/be a demon in battle once bombs are gone. Will either be 5 bombs a turn or 5 dagger tosses.

Blink Back Belt, INT headband, +1 agile dagger, armor, cloak of resistance, ring of protection. For the armor cloak and ring, whatever you feel comfortable spending on the trio. Or whatever you have left over from the prior items.

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Play a non-optimized Core Rogue. You'll die quick and be able to focus on the drinking after that.

If you want to survive longer, maybe a Slayer? No spells to fumble around with while the player is drunk, and still survivable. Slayer isn't a natural for front line combatant either, if you play it up to the party as "just a rogue".

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If you're going to be drunk maybe go for something that doesn't have a lot of options to keep track of or math to do... Maybe just a straight class fighter? Do a simple 2hander build and just write out your bonuses assuming that you'll always be using power attack?

You're in luck, if you like this idea. I finished creating my Drunken Master archetype Monk just today, I'm actually on the forums to get feedback on it. Spent weeks trying to optimize it, you're welcome to use it or modify it. Don't know if it's what you're looking for though, because she sure as heck isn't a oneshot, but you could mix it up and roleplay a guy who can't hold his liquor. You'd probably want the drunkenness to set in only after combat though (drunken master gains special combat powers from drinking alcohol).

Sorry it's so long. New to the forums, haven't figured out how to hide text yet.

Evelyn the Inebriated
Human Monk (Drunken Master & Qinggong Archetypes)

STR 13 (+1) DEX 13 (+1) CON 16 (+3) INT 10 (0) WIS 14 (+2) CHA 9 (-1)

Inspired: (1×/day), roll twice on a skill check, take better result
Quain Martial Artist: +1 damage to all unarmed attacks

Class Abilities
Level 1: Flurry of Blows
Stunning Fist
Unarmed Strike
AC Bonus
Level 2: Evasion
Level 3: Fast Movement
Maneuver Training
Drunken Ki (dm)
Level 4: Ki Pool
Barkskin (qinggong)
Level 5: Drunken Strength (dm)
Feather Step (qinggong)
Level 7: Wholeness of Body
Level 8: retrain Feather Step into Dragon's Breath (qinggong)
Level 9: Improved Evasion
Level 11: Drunken Courage (dm)
Level 12: Abundant Step
Level 13: Drunken Resilience (dm)
Level 15: Ki Shout (qinggong)
Level 17: Quivering Palm (qinggong)
Diamond Body (qinggong)
Level 19: Firewater Breath (dm)
Level 20: Perfect Self

Level 1: Dodge (monk)
Crane Style
Power Attack (human)
Level 2: Deflect Arrows (monk)
Level 3: Fast Drinker
Level 5: Crane Wing
Level 6: Combat Reflexes (monk)
Level 7: Barroom Brawler
Level 9: Crane Riposte
Level 10: Medusa's Wrath (monk)
Level 11: Deep Drinker
Level 13: Dimensional Agility
Level 14: Improved Critical (monk)
Level 15: Dimensional Assault
Level 18: Improved Trip (monk)
Level 17: Dimensional Dervish
Level 19: Hammer the Gap
(I plan to retrain some feats at level 12 if practical, so I can get dimensional dervish earlier, re-selecting those replaced feats later.)

Must-Have Magic Items:
Belt of Mighty Con (by level 3 to get fast drinker feat), 4k belt
Amulet of Mighty Fists (merciful), 5k neck
Monk's Robe, 13k body
Drinking Horn of Bottomless Valor, 24k slotless
Possibly Sipping Jacket

It seems hard to go wrong with a barbarian. Just make sure the DM knows that you intend to start raging every time you raise your voice and that when you shout out "AM SMASH!" you mean "power attack."

Armoured Hulk Barbarian. Wear lots of armour, hit hard with earthbreaker/greatsword/bardiche as preferences allow. Pick up Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will, and maybe Improved Initiative so its hard to keep you out of the fight.

TWF Ranger, either double weapon (half-orc with double axe) or shield-bash based. Can make ranged attacks in a pinch with a back-up weapon.

Musket Master Gunslinger. Never stop shooting.

Silver Crusade

Vanara Qinggong Monk, run around firing Scorching Rays all day calling yourself Sun Wukong.

Something with Punishing Kick ... run around Punishing Kicking EVERYTHING in the nuts all night long.

Drunk me would get a real kick out of that.

Gnome Heavens Oracle 4/Sorcerer 4/Mystic Theurge 2. Magical Lineage, Wayang Spellhunter, and more metamagic feats than anyone in their right mind would want. CAST NOTHING BUT COLOR SPRAY.

Edit: For extra fun, go with the Arcane bloodline to grab a hawk familiar, to fly around while zapping people with your full-round action spells. The concentration check and ride penalty shouldn't be too much of an issue.

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