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Recently stumbled across this and I've been wondering just exactly what you can command the target from not doing, for reference;

Axe of the Imperative

Axe of the Imperative wrote:
On a successful hit against a creature, the wielder can utter a short command as an immediate action to prohibit the struck creature from a specific course of action. This command must consist five words or fewer, such as, “Never attack me again!” or “Never cast an enchantment spell!” or “Don’t set foot in Sothis!”

Would it be within reason to command, "Never take another breathe!" for example? or "Never move again!" Something which the target realistically has no way of avoiding if they want to continue to fight? It's only a DC 15 Fort save to avoid the effect, but the possibility of an additional attack that will auto crit (with a x3 weapon) every round seems like it could be very useful if it can be worded to reliably go off.

Any thoughts would be welcome!

I like some variant of "Do not stand upright" which allows you force someone to drop to the ground.

Don't breathe seems legal and effective, if a tad on the cheesy end-- but hell, the examples are on the cheesy end.

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Yeah, do not stand might be a really good one, forcing them prone to avoid having to save is almost as good as the effect if they save, potentially better if they're surrounded, nice one!

The commands definitely do seem a bit cheesey but it seems that the intent is exactly that, though it is alleviated by the relatively low save DC which should make it less OP after the first few levels I suspect.

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