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Can you use the Reposition combat manuever to move a willing ally to a different square? Seems like if you can use this on someone actively opposing you, you should be able to drag a buddy out of harms way.

I've had this used in PFS games. It's how we've dragged allies out of harm's way.

Now was that using "Drag" or "Reposition"? Because there are different mechanics involved there, Drag you actually move as well as the ally you're moving.

And should this provoke? I know that both of these say, "unless you have the Greater Feat, movement does not provoke" but this seems like a really cheap way to move the fighter who's getting his butt kicked away from the bad guy, with no threat to either the "puller" or the fighter who's being moved.

In my PFS case, it was reposition. I can't recall if both were standing. The monk was not in the front of the party (we didn't have a true tank, and had a ranger in front that dropped quick) and had to reposition the squishy second in line. He then used the movement action to step up into threatened space to take over tanking duties. It would have provoked, but did not because an ally will not choose to attack him, and there were no enemies threatening him. I think we were in a 10 foot wide hallway doing a staggered line, with a 5 or 6 man party.

It is sort of a cheap way to get someone out of combat, but there's other ways too. Withdraw action, for instance, can be done by one's self. This action only moves a short distance, and requires someone's standard action. I don't look at is too bad, considering it was basically a five foot step that took a standard action. I would consider even an accepting ally having a basic CMD though of perhaps 10. That's where I'd question how far you could move someone. Considering placement, I don't think anyone could move more than 10 feet without moving themselves, and then I wonder how that action would occur (considering most CMB checks are replacements for attacks and the rules for moving and attacking).

On a side not, it was my area's venture captain running the game. And the guy doing the reposition is apparently an organizer from the surrounding region. I trust them as much as I'd trust anyone short of a Paizo FAQ.

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