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Adowyn's Blight Scout role allows her to "shuffle a cohort into your deck to add your Stealth skill to your combat check."

Does this mean she gets to add an extra d12+2? The phrasing is the same as Kyra or Padrig, so I'd think so. However, this seems so powerful for a single power feat check mark. Leryn provides 1d8, but that's restricted to ranged, and Adowyn's power is not restricted to just Leryn.

Next, if Leryn is displayed, can you shuffle him into your deck from display using the power? I'm not sure how this interacts with displayed cards not being a part of your hand, discard, or deck. I've always though "shuffle" without specifying from where means from your hand, but I can't find this in the rules.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, it would be d12 + 2.

No, you can't use a displayed Leryn. Unless specified otherwise, the card has to come from your hand.

Wrath Rules p.10 wrote:
If you are instructed to play, reveal, display, discard, recharge, bury, banish, or otherwise manipulate a card, that card must come from your hand unless otherwise specified.

elcoderdude wrote:
Wrath Rules p.10 wrote:
If you are instructed to play, reveal, display, discard, recharge, bury, banish, or otherwise manipulate a card, that card must come from your hand unless otherwise specified.

Thank you both. I missed "or otherwise manipulate a card".


'Course, there's nothing stopping you from recharging a card and putting Leryn back INTO your hand...

(Although once you're doing your combat check, it's too late to activate that power.)

(Although-although if Leryn was displayed, there's a good chance that you knew the combat check was coming and had a chance to put him back in your hand before exploring.)

(Adowyn rocks, IMHO.)

Pathfinder ACG Developer

Adowyn is really fantastic. I actually feel a little guilty playing her, so maybe a little too fantastic? But, nah, no such thing.

Remember also that there's an opportunity cost associated with shuffling Leryn into your deck for the 'add stealth skill' power.

Leryn, when displayed, can be shuffled into your deck to add 1d8 and the adventure deck number to your combat check. (I don't have the exact wording on me)

The stealth check is better (dexterity is main and so it'll likely have skill feats), so the skill is good. But not perhaps overpowered for Leryn.

Finally, as mentioned, you must shuffle Leryn from your hand for the stealth skill, whereas Leryn is shufled from display for the 1d8+ADN. Leryn is often displayed, so there's the added cost of recharging a card to put Leryn back in your hand before adding the stealth skill.

To be honest, I expect that the 'add stealth skill' power will be most relevant for cohorts other than Leryn. Adowyn can search her deck for any cohort at the beginning of her turn - imagine adding both your stealth skill and 1d8+ADN to combat by shuffling Leryn and another cohort at the same time!

Edit: Mythic bonus to dexterity doesn't apply to added stealth check, whoops.

By AP6, Leryn will be d8+6 and Adowyn's Stealth d12+6, barring any unforeseen upgrades. It's better, but not different enough for the power to warrant consideration for me. I certainly don't want to shuffle Leryn into my deck if I can help it (shuffling Leryn, in my experience, means Adowyn's going to end her turn, either on purpose or because she blundered into a surprise bane that requires Leryn's combat bump), and I'd hope the Cohorts have gee-whiz awesome powers that I'd rather use over shuffling them for a big die.

Of course, with a different Cohort in hand, you can do both and add d12+d8+12. Not many people get such rock-solid static bonuses right off the bad.

I don't tend to make role decisions until the last minute, but I'm still strongly leaning towards her Lini animal power role. The main thing tempting me otherwise is recharging a card to reduce pre-combat damage.

I don't have the cards in front of me right now, but I believe another advantage of the "add Stealth to combat" is that you can use it without a weapon. The Leryn ability, if I recall, is to add d8+Deck to your "Ranged Combat" check, meaning that if you start your game without a weapon, or lose your weapon, you can't use it, while d12+x can be used even when you punch something with your fists.

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