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How does extra channel work for classes like warpriest and paladin that use other abilities to fuel their channeling?

Extra Channel gives you two additional channel uses per day.

For a paladin, you can use lay on hands four additional times a day, but only to channel positive energy. This is specified in the feat under the "special" section. As a result, you are essentially gaining two channel positive energy/day.

A warpriest works in a very similar way, using fervor. While it isn't expressly specified (because Core versus later additions), it is very reasonable to assume it works in the same way. I would say it grants four extra fervor, but only to channel energy. While it hasn't been FAQed that way to my knowledge, I would strongly back this even in PFS games.

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Extra Channel

You can channel divine energy more often.

Prerequisite: Channel energy class feature.
Benefit: You can channel energy two additional times per day.
Special: If a paladin with the ability to channel positive energy takes this feat, she can use lay on hands four additional times per day, but only to channel positive energy. If a warpriest with the ability to channel energy takes this feat, he gains four additional uses of fervor per day, but can use them only to channel energy.

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