Does anyone know the backstory for this art?

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Before I start, I wasn't quite sure what section of the board this should go in, so I went with General. Feel free to flag/move it if there's a board better suited! With that out of the way...

The other day I was helping a friend pick art for his tiefling character, and I ran across the image of a tiefling cleric of Sarenrae which can be found on p. 172 in the Advanced Race Guide. This picture always struck a chord with me. I can absolutely picture her walking while embracing a new dawn, a new day. She seems content, at peace, and open to the world. Apart from being absolutely gorgeous art, I also love it because I feel like there's the promise of an amazing character background! Just looking at it, I get half a dozen different tiefling character ideas. What series of events would lead a (possibly demon-spawn?) tiefling to join the church of Sarenrae?

Does anyone know who made this piece, and/or if the cleric is a real character?

While I welcome anyone and everyone to share their favorite Pathfinder art pieces and characters, I'd also remind you to quickly check the Community Use Policy before posting. While I'm not a lawyer, I believe that posts that link to Paizo artwork that's not hosted on the Paizo website could be removed...?

I know which picture you're talking about. I'm not sure about the artist, but it's easily found on google images just typing in "tiefling cleric"

About the backstory? That's for you to make up! Other than the iconics and named NPCs, most of the other characters you see have no established background.

That's the fun of it, you can create your own story for any character you see. You could even make up a complete new name and backstory for even the iconic characters if you want.

Speaking of Pathfinder art, that's one of the reasons why I binged on practically all the Pawn sets. It's basically interactive pages of great art you can pop out and use in your game. Just looking at the NPCs in them, you can generate a lot of your own ideas to use as a PC yourself.

I don't have any particular favourites myself, but that's because all of the artwork is of a high quality, and I can't seem to pick out a favourite. I really dig the covert art on the Beginner Box though, -Marketing-Poster

It's simple but easily catches someone's eye. Big scary dragon and what not.

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