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Hello--two questions about past orders.

I ordered the Strategy Guide (order #3380642), and it's not showing in my sidecart (and I've not received it with a previous order). It is still showing as pending.

Also--I purchased the Gebite Torture Table mini on November 6th, but it's not showing up as part of that order and it's been in my sidecart since. It was available at the time, and I paid for it per the email from Paizo.

Customer Service Representative

Hi SageSTL,

I'm very sorry for any confusion or inconvenience with this. It looks like the Strategy Guide ended up in the doggleganger sidecart instead of the true sidecart (something the tech team needs to take a look at).

I have rescued it and it should be fully visible in the true sidecart now.

The Gebite Torture table mini looks like it should be fine to ship (unless it is making a really good disguise check). If you don't see it get pulled from your sidecart and moved to your next subscription order, please let us know, so we can bend it to our will.

If you want anything that's in the sidecart now set to ship as soon as it can, please let us know.


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