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A shame to hear that, I have been too nervous to ask myself, but I loved the other two.

Still, I understand the reasons.

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Sounds interesting, I must say :) I'd enjoy playing that.

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Yossarian wrote:

What i've been working on is a crazy-long supplement that details all the villages and points of interest on the SW Varisia map I made. Something that few will use, but I like having that area explorable for my PCs. I'm half way through but it's immense. I don't want to release it til its in as good a shape as my sandpoint guide, so it will be a while. The Alba Lilia document gives an idea of it.

The basic idea is to stage an epic battle whilst the players assault Karzoug, with the players responsible for convincing various races to support their cause. Think the Battle of Five Armies at the end of The Hobbit.

Hey Yossarian,

Just curious if you're still with us. I loved (and made good use of) your lovingly crafted materials, as I am an old-school DM who enjoys Hexcrawls and Dungeoncrawls (of the megadungeon variety), and I've always been interested in the area around Sandpoint & Magnimar, so wonderful for exploring.

So if nothing else, consider this post one of encouragement and anticipation. That map you made just cries out "Explore me!" :)

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Hey lads,

Just a quick question, is anyone working on making a PFACG version of Shackled City?

After all, I do feel the very first Paizo AP needs to get some love, even though Paizo themselves cannot legally do it, I feel that we, as a community, can...

If no one is doing it, I may decide to do it myself, I did enjoy Cauldron and its perils.

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Dear Lads and Lasses,

There's a great map of the Sandpoint Hinterlands. While not every area there is hugely detailed, it still cries out 'adventure here' to me...

Thus, I wonder, the road from the Sandpoint Hinterlands to Magnimar is about 2-3 days on foot. Surely this can't just be empty, for shame!

Thus, is there any further detail about the lay of the land between Sandpoint and Magnimar? The hamlets, the woods, and more, at a scale similar to the Sandpoint Hinterlands' map?

Always fun to let the players explore some.

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Dear Paizo,

Apologies for my curtness, but I am not one to complain often and as such, I only do so when I feel it is required.

I've sent two mails about this, two weeks ago, to customer service but have not yet received a reply.

I realize the theme is Piracy, but that usually means getting an extra copy that you didn't pay for rather than getting a copy of something else than you paid for.

In my case, ignoring the Customs costs that have been way up since my last shipments (not quite sure, but I thought these were included already in the price I pay you chaps?) I've received my Character Add-On Deck safely... and a second one packaged as the Raiders of the Fever Sea Adventure deck!

I've included images of this in my mail and I'd like to know how to proceed. Naturally I assume Paizo will take upon themselves all costs of safely delivering the actual adventure deck to me? Including customs?

Thank you for your reply,