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I've noticed how PbP games are almost non-existant outside an organized gameday, and I'd wish to have a change in that. I'm currently running my entire quota of PbPs (that's three), but I'm only playing in one (once it starts). I know I'd have the capacity to play in many more PbPs, but there simply aren't any announcements of open spots or such.

I know there are others who share the same desire to play by post. What is needed is a person willing to master a game.

Be it normal or core, I don't have a preference.

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I know that DM Kludde has organized pfs games going on almost constantly, and has a nice sign-up sheet for them. The link to the spreadsheet is in the first tab of his recruitment page.

I think you can suggest scenarios for him/her to run at later dates as well.


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I've never played a PbP game, but I'd be willing to try. Seems like when I try to get an online or f2f game, something always comes up in the way.

Im also looking for PbP, Roll20 and Skype look fun but really I enjoy the format of posts better.

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Check the Link in Auriea's post. You can set up with DM Kludde on his scheduler. Quiet a good way to get some planning done.

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