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AinvarG wrote:

I'll ask this just because I want to make sure I'm reading things correctly.

If I'm an existing subscriber, my subscription continues with the new Core Set and CotCT set, right? It's not like some of the other subscriptions where some action is required to verify that I want to continue my subscription?

I believe that’s the case, but I defer to the staff.

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Lord Kakabel wrote:
Stretch goal to bring those juicy extras to PF 1e, please.

This seems like a nice middle ground for the folks sticking with 1e. I, for one, embrace our new 2e overlords...

Seriously though, never got to play this one and really looking forward to playing it in 2e

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If I start my subscription with the new Core Rulebook, will that pick up the Bestiary also?

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I’d buy a t-shirt. His show brought me back to paizo

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At first glance, those scenarios look cool. Thanks for posting those.

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I'm in, depending on where in town and when.

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I'm also on the northeast side of San Antonio and looking to get some use out of my PF books. Let us know when you arrive, I'd love to get a game in.

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I've got 7 games of DnD5e in now and I think I'm going to play both. I tend to get a short game during the week and a longer one on the weekend. I really like the DnD Expeditions concept. It's nice to get a game in when you only have a couple hrs. That said, I do miss some crunch sometimes also. I really think DnD5e and Pathfinder will coexist peacefully. I think they appeal to different crowds.

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I'll second that. It would be really nice to just have that in your pocket.

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I've never played a PbP game, but I'd be willing to try. Seems like when I try to get an online or f2f game, something always comes up in the way.

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isaic16 wrote:

Overall, I largely agree. However, I have to disagree on your weapon point. Specifically, you talk about how more and smaller dice make it less likely to get the maximum on the die. The upshot of that is that more and smaller dice have a higher average (1d12 averaged 6.5, 2d6 averages 7, and 3d4 averages 7.5). Essentially, with smaller dice, you're trading potential for reliability, which does make sense for the lower-power setting this seems intended to demonstrate.

The barrier to add a location is certainly interesting, but I think they made a good call not using it at this point. It's new technology, and sometimes good to explore the more basic features before really digging into the crazy potential. The other consideration is how an additional location could potentially change the difficulty much more substantially depending on the size of the party. It's an interesting concept, but one that probably needs a lot of testing.

let's not forget also that more dice mean higher minimum values, e.g.

min(1d12) = 1
min(2d6) = 2
min(3d4) = 3

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I got S&S, but I'm not a huge pirate fan. Biggest reason I bought it was for Organized Play, but I'd have rather played organized with RoR.

Also, I get what the ships were doing and what they got you, but they didn't seem like a huge benefit in the games I played, just more of an annoyance.

I'm looking forward to Wrath though, sounds like a ton of fun. Also looking forward to Guild Play in that AP.