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My 30 minute daily drawing took a bit longer. I ended up driving down the block to the art supply store and picked up fresh prismatic markers. My old ones have dried up an died on me.

My take on Feyd Harkonen from the dune series.

Not bad!

this morning I attempted to do a portrait of Princess Mononoke

Lookin' good, sir!

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Really did not feel up to drawing this morning. I looked down at the small 5x5 piece of paper and it stared back at me with indignation. I came very close to giving up but then gave resistance the middle finger and drew a Totoro. I had more fun once ink hit paper than I have had all week.

Good morning, today it's Tetsuo from the Anime Akira. This drawing was based off a still from the anime.

original illustration linked below found using google.

I have a lot on my plate this morning but I did not want to loose any momentum so I drew a quick Chewbacca.

Good morning,

Today for warm up I did an illustration of The Thing.

When I was in high school I had a poster of the Thing illustrated by the great Jean Giraud. His artwork has always been an obsession of mine. His work always looks so free and spirited yet controlled with years of skill and precision. Anyway I was thinking about that poster when I was drawing this.

Chewey and Ben, together again for the very first time. :)

This morning it's Aang from The Last Airbender...oddly enough a show I've never watched.

Hey, Muad'Dib, I just wanted you to know that I will be having some descriptions of your favorite hard boiled future detective coming up in the current chapter of The Widow Wore Gold very soon.

This will be a rare "mostly from Danny Amirmoez's perspective" chapter (Danny's not really a major character, but he deserves some front time), so there's a good place to get a viewer's look-in on Charlie's appearance, there. :)

Awesome Jem

I just got back in the states and have a mountain of work to get to including an office move. I hope to pick up drawing again next week at my new digs.

Happy to see you so enthused about writing, keep up the good work.


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Maybe I'm hopefully excited about the JJ Abrams Star Wars movies....I dunno..

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