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My group finished "Ashes at Dawn" yesterday, and I plan on writing a review of it as I have for the last four modules of the AP. I realized from the "List of Community Created Content" thread that most of my additions were scattered all over the forum, so here's an attempt to consolidate everything. As soon as I complete a freelance project (which is almost done), I will add my review of the fifth module as well. Hope this helps other DMs with some of the expanded material and tips in the first two modules for having 5 playes.

A review of Harrowstone and tips for running with 5 players
Expanding the Harrowstone Prisoners
The journey between Ravengro and Lepistatd (Clover's Crossing)
Expanding Herstag for 5 players (other minor changes)
A review of Trial of the Beast and tips for running with 5 players
A brief history of Ustalav
The Journey between Ascanor and Feldgrau expanded
Expanding some of the subplot in Broken Moon
Expanding the Furrows (Broken Moon)
A review of Broken Moon and tips for expanding Feldgrau
Tying in Carrion Hill (and Wake of the Watcher) into the AP.
My version of Carrion Hill
A review of Wake of the Watcher and some expansion of it
Expanding Caliphas for Ashes at Dawn
Historical Ustalavic Paintings (In Caliphas)
Incorporating Dhampirs into Ashes at Dawn
Mythic additions to Carrion Crown


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Thank you for all of this.

Review of Ashes at Dawn

positive reinforcement

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I'll bandwagon on the thanks. I'm running CC for three PCs, replacing Broken Moon with Ravenloft, and Ashes at Dawn with Into the Nightmare Rift (from Shattered Star). Your mythic notes have been immensely helpful in working out a way to get the PCs to fight the Whispering Tyrant himself.

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dotting this

Utilizing the Tyrant's Whispers and Dreams as a mindscape

Dotting, tyvm!!!!

No Problem!
They are going ready to fight Marrowgarth tomorrow and then its upward through Gallowspire to the final fight. I have yet to formulate what version of the BBEG I am exactly using, but it will probably incorporate the Whispering Tyrant at various stages. After 4 years of playing we're finally nearing the end...

Bumping this so more people can see it, and want to thank you for an absolutely fantastic well of resources. My players have really loved a lot of the expansion stuff you've made!

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