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Okay, kind of thinking that the Machinesmith 3rd party class would be a very effective addition to the lands of Numeria, perhaps developing there as a result of the Technic League. The class already has all the skills necessary, and you could easily add the spells from the Technology Guide to the Machinesmith spell list without unbalancing he class.

And Machinesmiths would make for natural members of the Technic League, or could be "wild" techno-mages acting independently of the League's Technomancers.

What do you guys think?

Should fit right in with the adventure path. Goes really well as the wizard who is trying to approach super-science by taking a shortcut through magic.

Further more, the tinker and gadgeteer from Interjection Games make excellent classes to fill Numeria.

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I allowed the machinesmith in my campaign, as a not at level one character. a very simple two fold requirement for it. One of my players is taking it up next level.

dm only:

I changed Khorrmar (Sp) to a machinesmith that once rescued was willing to train any party member with the feat Technologist as a Machinesmith.

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