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Originally, I remember WizKids had said they would be replacing the Feiya mini through their replacement process. Is this still true? Thanks.

Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the replies. But I guess my question is more whether we should send the minis in now, or should we wait?

If we sent them in now, would we receive a replacement Feiya when it was released OR would we receive a bad replacement figure/equal rarity figure?

Likewise if we waited until figures became available, would we receive a replacement, OR would we not because everyone else already sent their mini in?

Thanks for replying. So I guess I shouldn't send in the defective mini until more information is released?

I saw that Feiya miniatures that have a faulty paint job are being replaced by WizKids when the next set is released. Has there been any word how this should proceed? Should I send in my faulty Feiya now? Or would I just receive a faulty Feiya or "another miniature of equal rarity" in return?

I've tried emailing WizKids (no response) and posting on the minis forum (no response), and I would really like to know how to proceed.

I ended up with one of the pumpkin Feiyas, and I saw that they are going to be replaced by WizKids when the next set is released via the replacement system on their web site. My question is how does it work? Should I send my figure in now? Or if I do, will I get a faulty Feiya or an alternate figure?