Human Skald (PFS) Feats at 1st Level


I am rebuilding my Skald before he levels to 2, and need some advice for feats. I am hoping to take him through the Power Attack, Hurtful, Cornugan Smash series...but cannot select any of those at 1st level.

Any tips on helpful feats that would work nicely with those once I am able to acquire them?

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Enforcer combined with the Blade of Mercy Trait leads into that pretty well. And is pretty cool.

I dunno about the other Feat...maybe go Dodge or Toughness and retrain it at 3rd?

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Don't forget, you can always retrain your feats later on for a cost and time. This gives you some flexibility in case a feat doesn't work out the way you had hoped.

Intimidating Prowess if your strength warrants.

Blade of Mercy is from a book that I do not own, and seems to be tied directly to Sarenrae. Enforcer is tied to non lethal damage, and I do not see trying to inflict non lethal very often.

Intimidating Prowess is a good choice, and I may go with Dodge simply to pick up the increase to Armor Class.

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