Spell-less Ranger, extra favoured enemies / terrains?

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So in the description in the book and multiple comments I have seen here on the boards, the Spell-less Ranger is said to have 5 favoured terrains and 6 favoured enemies, but the chart for their special abilities it only goes up to 4 terrains, 5 enemies, like a normal ranger.

Did I miss something?

There's a ranger feat for extra favored terrain and another for extra favored enemy... I have to say though, the spell-less ranger is a bit overpowered (and while my GM allowed it, he regretted it later, and several other GMs I asked about it afterwards said they wouldn't allow it as it was overpowered). I got to level 7 with it before our campaign fizzled and it wasn't even funny how overpowered my character was, even compared to the dwarf barbarian fighter alchemist who was practically an army by himself.

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