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Atlanta GA here (Well, Lilburn/Stone Mountain-ish)

There's a ranger feat for extra favored terrain and another for extra favored enemy... I have to say though, the spell-less ranger is a bit overpowered (and while my GM allowed it, he regretted it later, and several other GMs I asked about it afterwards said they wouldn't allow it as it was overpowered). I got to level 7 with it before our campaign fizzled and it wasn't even funny how overpowered my character was, even compared to the dwarf barbarian fighter alchemist who was practically an army by himself.

BTW, thanks again for the amazing PDF. I've been enjoying the class, though this is my first Pathfinder character ever, I've not even ever played D&D...but it's fun with the right group of people.

Is the hero lab file the only addition/change to the latest release?
Was curious if anything else was done with it...

My GM was only going to allow the animal companions listed on the spel-less ranger addendum, and not allowing the rock listed in the bestiary since it wasn't specifically mentioned. He seemed like he might have otherwise considered allowing it, should circumstances allow, much later in the jade regent campaign.

Question for the author and editor- my GM says he'll only allow animal companions that are in the list... is the roc intended to be an allowed animal companion since it's listed in the bestiary as a possible ranger companion? If so, would you mind clarifying that in the document and gm's can just decide to tell players they can't find a roc egg to buy if they don't want to allow it?

Disclaimer: I'm new to Pathfinder (and the D&Dish thing in general; familiar with the concept, never played or even sat in watching a session) and have been playing for about 2 months now (Jade Regent Campaign, just finished first chapter)
I'm trying out the "Spell-less Ranger" archetype as approved/suggested by my GM, no spells but I get a few neat ranger tricks and I get an AnCo with an effective druid level of my ranger level. So I just hit Level 4 and need to pick one...I read thru the thread, seems like I should go with a wolf at least for now, but...
I REALLY love the idea of a mounted flying archer, but it seems I have to burn a few feats (Mounted Combat and Mounted Archery) to do so.
Is it just not worth it, or would it be an intriguing character type?
This means at Level 7 I can ride the roc, should I manage to catch one or luck out and find an egg for sale (and blow my entire net worth to get it).
Seems like I'd be better off getting a wolf and getting a belt of physical might and adding +2 to Str and Dex.
I guess a lot depends on how much time we'll be spending in towns/buildings/underground though.

Any advice would be most welcome.

Love it but needs a bit of proofreading. Paizo want to hire me on for proofreading? I'll do it for free if I can get an employee discount, heh.

Never mind, found the link on the author's profile. Amazing job, man!

Complete Caravan sheet 1.1 link is dead for me...anyone else got a good link for it?
I'm writing up a design doc for a spiffier one, but I'm a little lacking in Excel skills, haven't done this stuff in a better part of a decade.
I wonder if we could get enough computer nerds together if we could make this happen.
Kinda surprised PAIZO doesn't have one. Would be really awesome to have one you could put in your google documents so everyone playing can have a copy on their tablet/laptop and it could be updated in real-time during play for everyone. Maybe I'm getting carried away with this idea though...