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Does anyone have any idea how much conversion is needed to go from book one to Plunder and Peril? From there I would go my own way.

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Not much at all. The Wormwood Mutiny ends with the PCs getting a ship that they need to stick into drydock for a while to get some work done. Raiders of the Fever Sea opens with the PCs choosing to go to Rickety's Squibs for the work. It's a very simple matter to have them instead go to Lilywhite, where they can begin Plunder & Peril while waiting for the work to finish on their ship.

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I am very disappoint with "Rum Punch." Who puts a foot race dedicated to Cayden Cailean in a pirate adventure? Is this a Hayes Code pirate adventure in which the players never engage in piracy? "Plunder & Peril" replaces the actual piracy of "Raider of the Fever Sea" with yet more Island Crawls. If I purchase a pirate adventure I want swinging from the rigging, cutlass and pistol wielding pirate tropes. I want splinted hulls and collapsed rigging. Not this Island Crawl for "good" pirates.

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