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Nope. It's be an aasimar, except they'd be sized Gargantuan. Aasimar is trace blood, celestial or fiendish is generally a born denizen of the plane.

It does alter your BAB with ranged attacks? I could see an argument. Also, it's cool.

Your interpreation is correct.

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You what?

Yeah, no. A failed save with a natural 1 causes 1 piece of gear - randomly determined - to take damage. That's it, unless the spell explicitly states otherwise.

Potions must be drank to be effective, or purposefully applied. Splashing someone with one just wastes the potion.

1. No.

2. Yes.

I am inclined to say you do not, at least for precision damage. Powerful Charge is third party and thus I cannot pass judgement on it.

It explicitly states that each ally decides whether or not to be affected at the start of their turn.

Why would it be any less? Assuming you have lighting and the like, the darklands are not especially treacherous, are they?

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Fast healing from a SU source - like animal focus - is still magical, barring an FAQ or errata to the contrary.

Yes, it does.

Prepare to get smacked by you GM if you try it.

It's a negative level per RAW - you have -5 max health and take a -1 on all rolls. Not an actual "You're level 8 instead of level 9" negative level like (god) 3.5.

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You're proficient with natural attacks you possess. You require proficiency for Weapon Focus. Nothing I know of says you are proficient with a natural attack you do not possess, thus, you cannot.

LazarX wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
Byakko wrote:

Guys, it really doesn't matter if combat has started or not.

Not being able to take 10 isn't dependent upon being in combat, it's dependent upon being in immediate danger.

That being said, LazerX, you have posted a number of questionable statements in this thread:


"You can't take 10 on a reactive check. You can only take 10 on actions that you initiate, such as a perception search."

"Since you don't have a complete turn to do your check, you can't take 10 on it."

"In this case the perception check is more like a saving throw, so no taking 10 on it. You don't even realize you're making the check, so you can't take 10 on it."

You seem to be under the impression that you can't take 10 on reactive checks. I see nothing in the rules which supports that.
He doesn't see anything in the rules which support it either or he would have provided a quote by now.
And if we're playing that route, I see nothing in the text I quoted that says you can take 10 on perception checks in the suprise round.

Sure there is. You can take ten on skill checks. Perception checks are skill checks. Unless there is something else that says otherwise, you can take ten on perception checks, including those to avoid surprise.

When you are in combat, whether you are aware of that fact or not, you can not take 10 on your checks.... period.

This is correct. Fortunately, when one is rolling - or taking ten on - a perception check to avoid being ambushed, they aren't in combat yet.

That seems to be the case, given the quoted passages and no other rules on the matter.

Rikkan wrote:
Bigguyinblack wrote:
Each round at the start of the shaman’s turn, if the bonded creature’s hit points are reduced to –5 or fewer, it heals 5 hit points and the shaman takes 5 points of damage.
Wording is clear enough.

I don't think it is all that clear.

How often does it happen that a creature's hit points are reduced at the start of the shaman's turn?

Particularly if the creature is one that the Shaman wishes to keep alive - that is, one that a shaman would use an ability named Life Link on that heals someone.

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Fourleaf wrote:
Also would like would you let your players do this to their party[?]

Absolutely not.

FourLeaf wrote:
As a player that sees them doing this what would you do?

Talk to the DM and other player about not dicking over the rest of the party, and walk from the group if need be. Or maybe out-dick the rest of the party, but that wouldn't be pretty.



I'm sorry, what was the question?

Giggles616 wrote:
I was wondering what would happen when a barbarian skeletal champion went into rage. They would get the strength increase

Nope. Morale bonus, which Undead are immune to. That said, what Kalindlara said is likely the intent, or Unchained Barbarian has nothing morale or directly stat-bumping.

As the others have said, it is a ranged attack as usual.


do I still need Precise Shot to use it against characters in melee?

No, you just take a -4 penalty if you don't have Precise Shot and an ally is in melee with your target.

Book one. Did a deed for the Suzemain of Little Erebus or some such. He gave us a Scroll of Animate Dead. What cost of onyx was it created with?

Every character sees in all directions at once, because there is no facing mechanic. Playing "top down" with no facing mechanic, what your character has LOS on facing any direction, he sees, barring other effects (Invisibility, stealth (which doesn't work in the open past a single turn unless they have HIPS or similar), darkness, blindness.)

I've always run it as players simply intrinsically knowing distances. Makes life much easier. At that sort of scale, it's a bit different, and I might call for a check if he wants to be precise about it.


Kapman wrote:
Does that person get pulled the 5ft and just fall off the edge, no other save?

They get pulled off, then get a climb check or reflex save to try to grab the edge as they fall. Better luck next time, bucko.

Kapman wrote:
Next part of it, I'm using magnetic field on round one while flying. on round two, I fly close enough to be within 30ft of my enemy with a move action. They fail their reflex save, the weapon flies up to right next to me, in an adjacent square. I have a standard action left. Is there any way to catch said weapon before gravity sends it to the ground, or does the Field keep it 5ft away from me from then on?

GM discretion... unless you ready an action (as a standard action) to grab the sword when it comes up before you fly over.

It's amount of effort you put into moving, not the actual speed you travel.

I read it as the person being pulled is on the ground and lacks any means of flight. If they have a means of flight, they could instead make the checks to use that.

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They're pulled up five feet into the air, then fall five feet immediately.

Cuuniyevo wrote:
I would rule that it is considered to be used at the point it enters the body. If it doesn't enter the body in time, it expires and does nothing. It could use a little clarification but I think that's RAI.

I'd agree with this, but I wouldn't argue too much with Samas' interpretation.

James Risner wrote:
_Ozy_ wrote:

Curious, when something says that you apply a stat modifier as a bonus to something, like Charisma to your saves with Divine Protection...

do you think it locks in the stat modifier when you take the feat, or does that 'upgrade' as your Charisma changes?

It floats, but you ask the wrong question.

You really mean to say "if a feat chooses between a stat modifier to add to something, does the change when my stats change? Can I pick Dex now that my Dex is higher than when I took the feat?"

No. More accurate would be "If a feat says you'll gain your highest stat modifier as a bonus on all knowledge checks, does the stat I gain as a bonus change if another stat eclipses the stat that was highest when I picked the feat?"

Alternate Bonus Progression is what it's called, I believe.

I'd say that it would apply to all cavalier abilities that affect his banner (Banner and Greater Banner) but not to any abilities that affect his banner that are not from cavalier levels.

I personally figured you get 1x to mainhand and offhand, which is a rogue buff because they're one of the few dex-to-damage sources that doesn't outright ban dual-wielding.

I'm cool with either 1.5x 2h, 1x .5x offhand, or 1x period per weapon.

Angry Wiggles wrote:
Marroar Gellantara wrote:
That's one class, though. It's called a Champion of Irori.

PRC, though.

thegreenteagamer wrote:
Bronnwynn wrote:
thegreenteagamer wrote:

Again, not living it myself, but I've read a few things, and isn't that a big no-no?
Depends on the person. I know of a person who did that and by all accounts quite consented and enjoyed it. No money was exchanged for legal reasons, but it was basically a transfer.

The minute consent comes online it's no longer slavery, though.

Submission, sure, but not slavery.

Not slavery, but there was "flipping" between people referred to as owners.

thegreenteagamer wrote:

Again, not living it myself, but I've read a few things, and isn't that a big no-no?

Depends on the person. I know of a person who did that and by all accounts quite consented and enjoyed it. No money was exchanged for legal reasons, but it was basically a transfer.

That... might be excellent if the theme fits. I could do an archer or something with a super-aasimar race. Not sure I could manage the RP for all I'd want with that though.

Scythia wrote:
Bronnwynn wrote:
Scythia wrote:

I would avoid SR, it's more bother than benefit.

Consider maybe a constant detect sight, like detect magic. Pretty cheap RP wise, and quite useful. Natural armour is usually helpful as well.

Don't you ignore your own SR? I can't find a cite on it at the moment, I'm on a phone.

Yes, your own. Unless you're the only party member who will be using beneficial magic, that only helps a little.

If you are the only one who will be, then go for it.

Bloodrager and a Cavalier. If the bloodrager's casting on me, they're doing it wrong.

Word in, no DR. At will haste is an option, though... which could be horribly entertaining. Though CMW - my current selection - qualifies for Mystic Theurge's arcane as-is.

Artemis Moonstar wrote:

Me? Hmm.... Personally, I'm on two kicks right now. Poison, or Breath Weapons. I'd build around those.

Toxic (try and convince the GM to let me pick up Toxic all 3 times for differing poisons), poison use, stalker, etc. See about getting that Hypnotic Gaze or Nereid's grace deal. Run around as a poisonous courtesan or something.


Pick basic 0 RP stuff until... BREATH WEAPON! Buy as many instances of it as bloody well possible. Kobold subtype, alchemical coal, play an alchemist with breath weapon bomb... Not sure which mythic path for this one.

The only other thing I would do is build a particularly resilient Orc subtype (so I can get the orc fighter favored class bonus), with maybe some DR, some natural armor and resistances, and as high a Con bonus as I could get. Probably an unbreakable fighter archetype with the Guardian mythic path. I just had so much fun with Kulgar the Unkillable, I'd love to see how much more insane I can push his HP. Regeneration would be nice...

Either way, personally I'd use the second array. That 6 makes me cringe, hard. I hate dumping stats, because you never know when you're going to get a DM that makes you play with ALL your attributes. Besides, ability score damage would incapacitate you in a few hits targeting that 6.

This DM doesn't really make you, and I already dissuaded someone from breath weapon because it doesn't really scale. Though it'd be hilarious early game. "I breath fire. Those things die."

I'm not too inclined to play a melee type - my party members are a cavalier and a bloodrager, and they worked together to nab most important skills (impressing me, really) so I'm on my own, and we need at least a 6/9 caster of some kind. I might do an alchemist, actually.

Scythia wrote:

I would avoid SR, it's more bother than benefit.

Consider maybe a constant detect sight, like detect magic. Pretty cheap RP wise, and quite useful. Natural armour is usually helpful as well.

Don't you ignore your own SR? I can't find a cite on it at the moment, I'm on a phone.

Part general rambling about "OH GOD THIS IS GOING TO FAIL SO HARD", part soliciting suggestions.

Mythic campaign.

Characters generated at level 1, will be gaining first mythic tier early and going to 10 eventually.

Stats are one of two arrays - 18 16 16 14 12 6, or 16 16 16 14 14 12.

The real kicker, though, is that we can build our own races, at 20 RP, with minor caveats of "No flight", "Bipedal with two arms", and anything that's not a standard trait has to be okay'd by him. The race can be tailor-made fully, for plot reasons I'm unaware of of.

I'm *leaning* towards picking up hard-to-get utility stuff to help me serve as healer - at will CMW SLA (permitted) and SR, possibly See in Darkness, and etc. - and then pumping stats, but staying medium or small and humanoid(racename), then going some kind of full caster

So if you had all this freedom, what would you do? Not strictly looking for suggestions, just discussion.

Not their DD spell-like ability. It's a spell-like ability, but not a spell-slot.

The rider acts normally. They're one unit for all initiative purposes - the mount can't be surprised if the rider isn't, and the mount can't be unsurprised if the rider is.

That's, uh, not his question. At all.

_Ozy_ wrote:
Yeah. Complaining about characters gaining an advantage with a high knowledge check is like complaining that characters with a high attack bonus hit a lot.

Or the ones with a high sneak bonus sneak a lot, or the ones with a high spellcraft roll identify spells a lot, or the ones with a high bluff fall off cliffs a lot... wait.

Mark Hoover wrote:

I'm not defending the OP's GM, nor am I saying I agree, but I understand the desire to limit knowledge checks on monsters. For one there's no clear-cut definition of exactly what info the PCs know based on their knowledge check. For another some PCs have a ridiculously high knowledge skill.

For example there is an inquisitor PC in my current game. She has Knowledge: Dungeoneering with 4 ranks. Her total check for monster lore against dungeon dwellers like aberrations or slimes is +15 from stats, a magic item and skill. Even on a 1 she gets some basic info from a CR1 or below monsters; her average of 25 (10 on a d20 +15) is so high compared to monsters of the party's APL that I usually just read most of the Bestiary entry.

If you're playing a gritty or horror-themed game or the GM is trying to keep monsters fantastic in some way such high checks can really deflate the mood quick. "You see a hideous, lamprey-mouthed humanoid with gray flesh and tentacles..." Knowledge check... "I mean, you see a Choker, CR 1 with a Grab attack and much of its defense wrapped up in high Dex. Please note the Aberration qualities here..."

Anyway, that's my 2CP.

If you're playing a gritty or horror-themed game perhaps you should be playing in a gritty or horror-themed system? Pathfinder lends itself to extremely exceptional PCs... and if the PCs are setting their minds to knowing everything then they damn well can, within the ruleset.

Aasimar is a bit above on RP, sure, but tiefling? Dwarf is 11 RP. How many of those do you see compared to human's 10? RP is less important than the applicability to the build at hand. Humans always have that - bonus feat - whereas aasimar sometimes have that - with unorthodox stat bonuses and good SLAs - and tieflings occasionally do - with their SLAs.

How often do you see people build fetchlings (17RP)? Betcha it's less common than Ifrits (6 RP)! Bet you Samsarans (unlisted but uncommon) and Humans are more common than Svirfneblin (24!!! RP)

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