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Due to your intransigent attitude towards shipping miniatures separately and, frankly, the email which implied I was asking something morally questionable when I asked for my PF Battles figures to be shipped separately, I need you to cancel Order 3316318.

I can't take the chance that you'll ship this with paper goods and end up costing me what will be well in excess of £20 on a product which costs less than that.

I am disappointed as a customer, especially one who spends as much as I do, that Paizo's previous impeccable customer service has deteriorated in such a manner. I'm taking this action due to no response to my last email.


Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Hi Lewis,

Sorry, I just saw this cancellation request, and had responded to your emails. If there anything you still need that wasn't sorted out via email, please let us know. Thanks!


I love your avatar Sharaya!!! Thanks for all the excellent work you have done in the past to get my orders sorted out.

Sorry you are upset Lewy - I have much less shipped to me from Paizo but it has always been carried out swiftly and my problems sorted as soon as humanly possible.

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